Saturday, February 2, 2013

How is it possible that a man doesn’t ‘do sexy’?

It was puzzling when I heard this but that is the situation. A newly married woman discovered that her husband wasn’t into lingerie and sexy night wear. He found them repulsive and actually said ‘Do not wear these things worn by prostitutes’

You can imagine how shocked she was to discover that her husband felt this way about lace and stuff. She had bought loads of sexy night wears, baby dolls and underwear to prepare for passionate nights in her marriage. That was what she got. 

I like this number by the way. Victoria Secrets has such lovely lingerie.

The couple had met in church and got married a few months ago. The lady was away in another state most of that time. Youth service I think. So they kept in touch and immediately she was done, they got married.
The lady obviously is troubled by this situation which was why she was talking about it. I don’t know how this has affected their sex life either. I think every woman wants to feel sexy, wear something sexy and gets admired by the man in her life. I could be wrong though. But I really don’t know how I’d feel if my husband wanted me to wear only those unattractive, long, shapeless night wears to bed each night because he felt that see-through ‘show-me-what-you-got night wears and underwear should only be worn by hookers. 

There’s a part of every woman that wants to be some wild seductress or superhero – Alana de la Garza. Source

I think it would be hard for a woman who is used to treating herself to lingerie to adjust to this but for a woman who didn’t think that kind of stuff meant anything, it wouldn’t even be an issue.

So what do you guys think? Should she try to get him to like lingerie? (Why does that sound seriously weird?) Even if it doesn’t affect their sex life much? (If she is complaining, then something is wrong or is it just me?)

Happy new month and have a beautiful week ahead.

Lily Johnson


  1. This is a tough one. Maybe he's had bad experiences. I suggest they both talk about it and reach a compromise or something. If she however doesn't mind, then she can indulge him

  2. My dear, it is really tough. I don't even know what to say about it but i guess it's up to her to manage the situation.

  3. I wish i could laugh. Chai.
    Takes note of questions to ask Mr Could be Right..."What do you think of lingerie?"

    This is where I have issues with people who carry pre-marital sex on their head, forgetting that 'no sex' doesnt mean you shouldnt try and find out each other's views about sexual matters/compatibility so you don't get shockers like this...that is of course assuming that these two adhered to that code.

    1. In fact, one should ask many many things ooo. I couldn't believe it. I believe she didn't ever think that he would be like that. Serious dilemma I tell you.

  4. They need to sit down and have some straight up talk I tell you. Let him say what's on his mind. She's already in it oh so she might as well do her best to make it work. There'll definitely be some progress if they talk about it gently, no matter how small


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