Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding bells and pictures.

I apologise for not being here for a while now because I know that I was missed. Right? Thanks. I have good reasons though. My internet subscription expired and I am kind of in a tight spot and now have to visit cybercaf├ęs. Plus this wedding took some of my time. I and my best friend Dara were with the bride Bosun, who is a friend to us for almost a week. Dara was her maid of honor and I was the bag lady. Everybody in my life kind of trusts me to know where everything is and I'm very capable of taking care of things. So I was with the makeup bag, tissues, extra handkerchiefs, the camera and the camcorder. I took some of the pictures you are about to see except, of course, the pictures that I am in. I selected just a few because I don’t want to bore you guys.

I hope you like it.

On our way to the registry. Lily, Bosun, Latifat, Ola (Bosun's son) and Dara.

I was holding a mirror!
Bride and Bag Lady

Feeling fabulous!

This is wishing dear Bosun a happy married life.

I and my best friend, Dara!(She is Dammy to me)

And smile!

I miss reading you all and will try to do so and comment when I can. You guys are awesome!

Lily Johnson.

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