Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It happens....

Once (twice or more who knows) in a lady’s life, she meets a man who doesn’t want to date or have a relationship with her but only wants to have sex with her and is bold enough to approach her [over the phone or in person] to let her know just that.

He doesn’t want her friendship [even if he says he does], he doesn’t want any care [he aint giving it so....], he doesn’t give a isht about commitment [oh yeah, he is doing it with three other willing girls]. He just wants to have sex. Maybe once, twice or more who knows.

Ok no, I am not venting or anything. Lol. It is just that sometimes when some ladies meet these men, they tend to think there was something they did wrong. Maybe they smiled too much or maybe their skirt was too short or exuded too much sexuality. And that made that guy think that they were cheap or something worse.

One would think that a guy comes up and tries to touch a lady inappropriately when she is wearing a very short skirt with wild hair and strutting her stuff and asking ‘Who wants a lap dance?’ No. A guy came up and tried to kiss a girl I know on the road and in broad daylight. And she was wearing a T shirt and uninteresting looking jeans.

Anyway, the truth is this, that ‘relationship’ that lasted for a month or less and then he ended it without any relevant reason might just be because he had gotten what he’d wanted and wanted out. Period. It wasn’t any fault of the lady’s. Somehow, fate in its way of making life a huge joke sometimes, just sent the guy her way.

This very decent young woman met this guy at a wedding. He seemed nice and shared her love for music and books. So they became fast friends [in her mind I guess]. Then the guy started talking about sex. Of course she thought it was a joke. Then that was all he ever talked about; his escapades, what he really wanted to try out, his fantasies. When the girl said she thought they were friends, he made it clear what he wanted. The lady said she would pass and boom! The guy became hostile. So this lady began to ask what it was about her that attracted someone like that.

Men, being the very physical people they are, still want one night stands, still tell stories usually lies, to get women into their beds and still have their way once in a while. That is the way it is.

Now some people may say that people would treat you as good as you present yourself. Mostly the case but sometimes people treat you or react to you in a way you know you couldn’t have deserved.

So, girl you aint being inappropriate in anyway. You are attractive and lively and he just wanted to... you know. Not because you attract crazy men but because well, it happens. So just say your piece and take a walk.

Life oh life ooohh life.....[you know that song?]

Lily Johnson

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My thoughts...

For those who read the post, Not that line again , well the clients aren’t paying because they were not satisfied with the job we did. We didn’t do what we said we’d do after all. A pastor we did a job for even gave us a full lecture on integrity!

Anyway, life is a teacher and the only thing I take from the whole thing is experience. I have really learnt a lot. I know how hard it can be sometimes but people should take and appreciate the things they learn after going through bad situations. I would have made a lot in commissions if the work had been done properly but oh well! I have met new people and learnt a lot of things both professionally and personally.

Now, on a lighter note, I am yet to understand what is up with the theatrical eye lashes I see everywhere. I love the ‘kitty cat’ look, you know, batting the eyes and all but hey, you don’t need six foot long eye lashes for that. Those things are for music videos and errm... Halloween?

And it doesn’t exactly look good on small eyes. The eyes look choked and overwhelmed. Whatever works for you girls.

I want to thank you all for the birthday greetings. It rained heavily that day and I considered it as a blessing though I was on my way out when it started and got drenched.

Happy Easter people. Have tons of fun.

Lily Johnson.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

My Birthday cometh....

This is just to let my dear readers know that April 17th is my birthday. Oh well! The girl just got a year older and perhaps a lot wiser. I am grateful to God for the good health, wonderful family and friends that HE has given me.

So what am I going to do that day? Ermm... I really don’t know. I work like crazy during the week so maybe I’ll just hang out with my folks at home. Rest, play around and pray. Or go out and have tons of fun with friends. Either way, it’s okay.

Cyber hugs to y’all. You guys are wonderful.

Lily Johnson.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not that line again!

I have been told that I bother on perfectionism sometimes. By a few people who don’t understand me and are crooked in one or more ways. I believe that a deal is a deal. When you agree to do something, especially in business, do not disappoint. A good name is worth more than the few (yeah I know, sometimes it’s a lot) currency notes that you’d gain. You have to try your best possible to keep your promises or learn not to make any.

My employer thinks I can’t handle it when things don’t go the way they were initially planned. He thinks I don’t believe in ‘plan Bs’. Went ahead to lecture me on how things could go wrong and one would have to crash the first plan and go with another.

Now, I perfectly understand the plan B thing and I understand that we mortals can’t always have things our ways because well, as they say Man proposed, God disposes. What I have an issue with is the planning of the plan A. If plan A was planned to fail, it would fail and switching to plan B which is usually not doing things the way they should, wouldn’t be justified.

Now before you wonder what I am blabbing about, we were supposed to create a product for our clients. Something like a mini directory for a particular area. That was how we convinced people to get their products advertised because they all wanted to be part of it. I went about convincing these people that IT WOULD NOT BE THE SAME WITH OUR NORMAL STUFF. I got to the office and realised that that wasn’t what they did. They had prepared what they normally did and he told me that the plan A had failed and they had to use an alternative. I knew plan A was a terrible plan from the start. Maybe not, but when you come up with a nice plan, you should come up with ways to execute it in line with your budget and your time. The plan B was an ugly and cheap way out and we (I and my colleague) are expected to go out there and convince these people that we had to ‘change plans’. Now tell me how the clients would ever trust us again ever huh? I know we can manage to convince them but they aren’t getting the value for their money anymore. They might not know this but we do and I have a conscience....

So I complained. He knew I would. That’s who I am. It has nothing to do with perfectionism; I just can’t stand when people are ...sort of cheated out of their money or denied their rights because I never want that to happen to me.

Well, life is crazy. And complicated. I think we should just try our very best and when that’s done, we should just...leave the rest. Maybe I should quit tripping. You do know that feeling when you don’t quite feel right about something?

Your very best may not be enough. But you’d know that you gave it your best shot. That in itself is enough.

Lily Johnson.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Sights, sounds and the bus!

I just want to talk about some things I saw during the weeks of going to work and preparing for my examinations. All of them got me wondering...

1. I saw a road side food vendor slice an onion, WASHED THE THIN SLICES before she put it in a pot of palm oil. I have never seen this done before in my life! I wash my onions, slice it then use it. I literally stared. I was in a bus and had little to do so I just watched her cut more onions and washed in a bowl of water before adding to her cooking. Ha!

2. A lady approached a man at the bus stop where I stood waiting for a bus or a bike. I noticed she had green eye shadow on one eye and blue on the other. Just looked again to check. Yep! That was what I saw. Don’t know if it’s a trend because I have been living in Books Ville for more than a month. Looked weird. And the lady was wearing a bright yellow blouse. Hmm!

3. A man selling ice cream beside a bus I was in got pissed because no one bought anything from him in the bus and began to insult everyone in the bus. No one answered him. He was talking to a bunch of tired people who couldn’t wait to get home, have their bath and rest. My head was buried in a book but I did give him a stare once in a while. Msheww!

4. A guy in a bus with a bag and really cool magazines, wearing a faux fur coat in the fiercely sunny weather, suddenly turned and asked me to ‘flash’ a number. I was going home after a crazy week of grilling exams. I asked ‘What number?’

He said ‘Can I write the number down for you?’


‘Because I don’t have a phone with me’

‘How is that supposed to be my business?’

He just turned and shut up. In a bus full of people, he should have thought of a smoother move. And he was sitting right in front of me and got about 15 people starring at us and listening with interest. What on earth was he thinking!?

On another note, for some reason I am yet to understand, I’ve been listening to David Grey’s ‘Babylon’ several times a day. I just love the opening strings. I love the song but listening to it ten times a day!?

I wrote this down in a memo on my phone about three weeks ago. I believe ‘Babylon’ has been replaced by ‘Telephone’ by Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

It’s good to be back!

Lily Johnson.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So so sorry for the M.I.A thingy.

Hello my darling readers, I apologise for being M.I.A for more than a month now. I had to go write my exams and before that, I had to write a bunch of articles for my employer. I needed to pay for my internet subscription but didn’t have the time and the patience you needed to call the network provider and remind them that you had made payment and you still couldn’t go on the internet.

It’s been crazy. I studied hard and worked hard and when it was over, I partied hard. My department governor organised a party to celebrate the end of the session and boy, I danced like I never had in a long, long time. On my way home, it suddenly began to rain and I and my friend were drenched. It was so funny.

I missed you guys. All of you and now that I am less busy, you will see more of me.

Lily Johnson.
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