Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The breast talk

I attended a health seminar about 2 years ago where the speakers talked about the carcinogenic contents that most deodorants contain and how they can cause breast cancer.  As if that wasn’t enough, one of the speakers, a man mounted the stage and the first thing he said ‘Most women do not know that the type of bras they choose to wear all their lives is one of the major causes of sagging breasts. These days, women as young as 35 have boobs of 55 year old women’.

Oh boy! 

Uneasy stares across the room. Most of the participants were young women and they all really looked good but that statement touched all of us somehow. All I asked myself at that point was, Dear Lily, could you have been wearing the wrong type of bra all your life? Is this bra you are wearing now which is your favourite be so wrong that you’d end up with the boobs of a 55 year old at 35? Ha!

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