Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When a woman falls in love and loses herself..

Love is the best feeling of all feelings. To love and to know that you are loved as well with the same intensity. That smile when you remember some stuff you guys do together. That feeling of contentment that you get when you remember him. Most times, the world sort of fades away when you are with him. The touch, the kiss, the peace....

It is so easy to get totally lost in this. It is even okay if it is with the right man. A man who would not take advantage of it and ruin you. A man who cannot but destroy everything that comes his way. A man who is in ruins himself and can’t offer any better to anyone.

Imagine being hopelessly and desperately in love with a drug addict. What good can come out of it? He is probably the most handsome and loving man in the world. He tells you every day that he loves you and would kill himself if you leave him. And you believe him because when you didn’t call him for a day, he actually did cut himself. You are the only one he has because his family has stopped caring. 

He is good at what he does but anytime they find out about his drug issue, he gets sacked. So he is in and out of jobs. It is a sad situation because he does try to quit. But never checks himself into any rehab. When you met him, you didn’t have the slightest idea he did drugs and when you found out, it was too late. The fact is, many women would totally forget themselves and what is right thing to do in this situation which is checking him into rehab or running as far away as possible. They choose to stay and end up addicts themselves and ruin two lives. 


It is not easy of course to run when you are in love. But if you love him enough, you should get him to clean up. Do it with all your strength and will and if he loves you, he would want to be better for your sake. If he doesn’t, what does that tell you?

Imagine falling desperately and hopelessly in love with an assassin/armed robber. He sent you gifts like Santa Claus after the first date. You couldn’t believe it. Then you began dating and it got better. He took to places that you didn’t think you would ever go to. You had access to his beautiful house and car. You loved him. He made you happy. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Featured! Playboy by Lily Johnson plus all you need to know about me.

I was born Ivera-Lillian Uzoamaka Ozomma-Jonn in Enugu.I know this might sound like a cliché, but I have been writing songs since I was 9. I just wrote everything at the back of my note books. Then I decided to get a book and write them all out. My short stories too. I wrote my story and song ideas on sheets of papers of different sizes that littered around and just generally annoyed everyone. I still do that though just without the litter.

I was part of the choir of Queens’ School Enugu between 1995 and 1997. I sang the alto part with another girl. It was so much as we got to sing on TV and perform for dignitaries and all.
Then I began my solo performances in church meetings. Sometimes with my bunk mate who loved performing with me. I sang my own songs. Of course everyone talked about how deep my voice was. It was funny when every girl had that girly kind of voice and I didn’t. 

When my family moved to Lagos, I wrote songs and performed with the choir of my small church. It was a really tough time for my family then so my whole life kind of revolved around juggling poor paying teaching jobs and writing for a romance magazine just to make ends meet. Singing was the only thing I did for fun.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Staying with the monster for the sake of the angels.

Marriage is supposed to be the union of a man and a woman who love and have mutual respect for each other. They would have problems and issues, misunderstandings and arguments but the fact that they love and respect each other is supposed to help the weather the storms. This is my take. This is what I will have. To this, some women would say, ‘Take your head out of the clouds girl! Get married and then you will know the reality. Love isn’t enough and respect somehow dies because of some events.’ Hmmm... I know it isn’t easy but I know a number of couples who make you want to grab a man in the streets and make an honest man out of him.

“I was working in the kitchen when he called me on the phone. My phone was charging in the room so I didn’t hear it ringing. When I got to the room, I
saw that he had called twice. I tried to call him back but he didn’t pick his calls. Then he came in after some minutes. He went straight to my phone, broke it and took out the SIM card and broke it too. ‘Why would you have a phone if you can’t answer your calls? he said with venom.

I didn’t say a word to him. I had finished cooking and still had errands to run. I picked up the pieces of my phone, dished his food, and told him I was going out before I left. I had to pick up some things for my son who was going back to school this week. When I got back home, he wasn’t around. He came back later and we slept on our matrimonial bed.

Around 5am, I woke up to the most horrible thing ever; my husband was choking me. He told me that if he killed me here, nobody would ask questions. I couldn’t scream. My first son was the one that saved me. He ran into the room when he heard my suppressed cries and the angry voice of his father. It was then he left me alone. But not before hitting me on the face”

Monday, January 7, 2013

5 items you MUST have in your purse this season.

The dry/harmattan season is here! So it's time to arm ourselves with a few things to battle whatever the dry winds and scorching sun throw at us on the go people. If these aint already in your purse, consider this a quick reminder.

#1. A good lip balm: You don’t want to be going around with dry looking lips. Get a good lip balm and use it before you go to bed and under your lip colour in the morning.

#2. A small tub of a good moisturizing lotion or cream: The skin needs lots of moisture this season. Moisturize on the go if you must.

#3. Sunshades: The sun rays and hot wind isn’t good for your eye area. Cover up to avoid dark patches and sun burn.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year dearies!!

May God's mercies and blessings follow us all this year and all the days of our lives.

Remain blessed. *blowing kisses*

Lily Johnson
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