Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Elevens!

Hey dearies! Oh yes, I haven’t been here in a while. I just had too much to do. My final exams which I’m still writing, a particular project that you all will hear about soon because God knows I need your support and other issues that are just ...crazy. Thank you all for all your comments. God bless ya. *blowing kisses*

Adieu to all the people that lost their lives in the Dana air tragedy. I lost a distant relative, a young business man and an only son. May God heal broken hearts and may their souls rest in perfect peace. 

So the beautiful OddNaijaChic tagged me in the Elevens [Thanks sweetie]. There are rules to follow as usual. You must post the rules. You must say Eleven things about yourself. Create Eleven questions, then choose Eleven people, tag them to answer your questions. Let these bloggers know you tagged them. No tag backs. Let the blogger that tagged you know you answered their questions.


First, I have said quite a lot about me on this blog. So to read more than Eleven things about me, click HERE and HERE. I haven’t changed much. Well, expect for the breakouts on my face due to stress and all.
Now to answer her questions..

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