Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Woman: To effectively fight acne, you may have to ditch your soap.

Dr Jeremy Clapp did me the honor of sharing this valuable information on acne, a skin problem millions of people have dealt with or are still dealing with around the world. Many companies manufacture medications, creams and lotions to deal with acne and some of them really leave more to be desired. 


He talked about natural products and skin health instead of skin care in dealing with this disturbing problem.

Read his article...

Acne is a problem that affects many of us in various ways throughout life. It is not only the acne attacks that are important but the scaring and blemishes that may stay with you for life. So many people think that acne is solely a teenager facial problem but back acne and acne affecting adults into their 30’s is quite common. How can we fight all these aspects ?

The debate, on whether natural, chemical or drug treatment is best, continues to rage. I strongly believe that where there is a chronic problem that nature normally has the treatment and that is the place to start. Natural treatments tend to be far less abrasive on the skin and are just as effective in terms of positive results.

Denrele Edun’s tribute to Goldie Harvey: True friendship is indeed beautiful.

I read Denrele Edun’s tribute to Goldie on Linda’s blog and shed more than a few tears. It is just incredible how you could be with someone right now and a few hours later, you are faced with anguish of bidding him/her goodbye forever. These two people loved and supported each other in everything. They were like Siamese twins. Their friendship was indeed one of a kind. We all knew Goldie, the artiste; he knew and loved Goldie, the person. It is so sad that in this world where death is inevitable, Denrele has to live his life without his best friend.  Life oh life....

Thank God for memories. We get to have that even when you can’t see or hold the person anymore. I pray God sees him through.
Denrele’s tribute to Goldie
My super star friend sways away and I stand watching till she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says "she's gone"...Gone where?

Gone from my sight, that is all. She is just as gorgeous now as when last I saw her. Her slightly disappearing figure and total loss from my sight is in me, not in her.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

That thin line between Sexy and Sheer Bravery

Taking fashion risks is quite cool and in the world of fashion, you are even considered as fashion forward. Some of these dresses however, make me wonder and wonder. It takes a brave woman who either doesn’t care about what the world says, is very very confident and thinks the world should see why or just simply well fashion crazy. 

You guys know why I chose the word ‘brave’ right? Because I know that there is no way in this world I would be able to wear these dresses. Ever. There is no way you would wear this kind of dresses and expect not to have a 'wardrobe malfunction.

Dresses that make you wonder: Risque or Honey but why??

 I can't even picture her walking without giving everyone a full frontal view of her 'you know'. But she wore this and paired it with heels that high to the Grammys. #Risque

Uma Thurman
So Uma decided to wear her good old panties under this number but we can all appreciate that it didn't do much good. Everything is on display. #Undecided

Friday, February 22, 2013

When the man is a drama queen.

Men often see women as the ones that nag and cause unnecessary drama and they are the calm and collected ones who need a break from all our troubles. Hmmm....

I saw him when he walked into the packed super market and believed he would behave because the place was packed. It was a Friday.

I was about to call on him but he made eye contact with me and began to walk towards me. Then it began...


Seriously Mabel? Do you think it’s easy to drive down from the office to this place? He shouted at me, The traffic. The stress. The crazy people that were in the damned traffic. All this just to come give you the house keys? Why do you keep losing your keys by the way? Human beings don’t lose their house keys the way you do. How did you lose the keys again Mabel? How does a woman lose her keys in her parents’ place and had to call her husband to come from work to come give her his own set of keys?................ 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jumia/Sleek Fashion Fair

Nigeria’s no. 1 online retailer JUMIA and renowned make-up brand Sleek present to you it’s one of a kind Jumia/Sleek Fashion Fair, talk about the best online shopping experience meeting the best in fashion and beauty.  

This one of a kind red carpet event will be a combination of a runway show and sales fair. This runway show will see models strut their stuff down the runway in male and female apparel from the stable of the worlds most renowned international and local designers only available on; it only gets better as attendees will have the opportunity to make on the spot online purchases of this eye-catching apparel as well as shoes, accessories, and wide selection of makeup from Sleek. It promises to be an electrifying atmosphere that will see guests treated to Jumia/Sleek goody bags with Jumia online shopping vouchers/ redeemable Sleek makeup vouchers, fun, good music and refreshments; also first 30 people at the event to get free Sleek studio skin care pack.

Dear Woman: Skin lightening creams and Blemish control products have the highest fakes out there. Beware!

I do not always want to believe that everyone using skin lightening products is doing that because they do not like their God-given complexion. There are people dealing with serious skin pigmentation problems, scars from burns and acne and have these annoying black spots or patches and it’s only natural to want to remove these spots. But I also know that there are people who just shock you by wanting to completely change their complexions. So they use these products to alter what they should have maintained. This I find utterly unnecessary. And also in trying to rid themselves of these skin problems, women also get carried away which is also unfortunate.

The best bet to treat spots is doing your best to stay away from the sun and use sun screen. Many ladies do not use sun screen and those who do, forget to sometimes. It doesn’t help that most sun screen products leave you with that white film on your skin but some sun screen products like Aloe sunscreen spray SPF 30 from Forever Living products doesn’t ‘white film’ you much and is very effective. So are most Neutrogena sun protection products.

Exfoliating your skin every other week with a mild skin exfoliating product also works. But exfoliating too much is bad for the skin and can aggravate skin problems. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rest in peace Justus Esiri

Justus Esiri was a wonderful actor and would be greatly missed. It is indeed sad that we had to hear the news of the death of another entertainer. I just saw him in a Nollywood movie two days ago and just heard about his death this morning. So sad.

May his soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. To Dr Sid and the rest of the family, please accept my heart felt condolences.

Lily Johnson

And we are still talking about Kim Kardashian...

I love my Naija people. We are probably the most interesting people on earth. We are very opinionated, love good food and love to have loads of fun. And we can talk!

The last hasn’t been heard about Darey’s very successful Love Like A Movie concert. Bloggers, entertainers, writers and well, everybody is still talking about the one person who was the reason I am sure the tickets sold hundreds [if not thousands, no I wasn’t there], Kim Kardashian.

So I heard Darey [who is an artiste I really love his works] paid Kim K a whopping $500k to make a short appearance. Well, I have to be honest, I actually thought Kim was going to host the show with Darey [I was wrong, she was going to host the red carpet only] and I did wonder how she was going to do that still. She is pregnant. But the reality star spent under an hour in the show, took pictures, made ‘the appearance’ and left pronto.

So people who attended the show and other people who sat at home like me reading a book or watching a movie took to blogs like Linda Ikeji’s and were writing angry comments about the whole thing and insulting Kim K for being well a talentless porn star and Darey for being a sell out. Hmmm!

I am not Kim K’s fan but I do like her fashion and the fact that she is a good business woman. Let’s go through everything shall we?

# Kim Kardashian’s claim to fame is a sex tape which she made and intentionally leaked to the media and sold it for some cash: Yeah true. She made this tape with her boyfriend Ray J and well, it got leaked and she decided if the world was going to watch her ‘do this’ she might as well get paid for it. She did this in her 20s. She must have her regrets about the last decade now that she is in her 30s. We don’t know what they are. If she has ever asked God to forgive her, I am sure in HIS infinite mercies HE has. I’m sure we will all get there. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oscar Pistorius: The saga takes a turn for the worse.

I have been following the Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp story for a while now. I didn’t even know the man until his name was all over the news for shooting his girlfriend. Then I found out that I was the ignorant one. The man was some sort of legend. I watched his interviews prior to the whole brouhaha. Nice chap, soft spoken and his smile was a winner. The story before he gave was that he thought the very beautiful model who had been dating for a while was an intruder so he shot her and it was all a huge and unfortunate mistake. The world felt sorry for the man but of course there were people that didn’t believe it was an accident and the girl’s family wanted to know more

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius is a South African sprint runner and Paralympic star.

 The story seems to have changed. The prosecution believes Oscar might have killed Reeva in a blind rage and even have a theory backed with some new evidence; a bloodied cricket bat and the deceased’s iPad which they believe might contain a message Reeva got that sparked the whole drama. And there are reports that the Police had visited his home more than once following calls about domestic violence in the last three months. 

Reeva Steenkamp was a South African model and Pistorius' girlfriend

News sites are now flowing with angry comments from people that once idolized the man. With Reeva’s mum asking for her little girl and Pistorius’ weeping in court; the situation is a very very sad one. His case has been compared to that of OJ Simpson with people saying he might actually get away with murder. 

A South African news website today published this as what they believe happened in Oscar's home that night.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting matching tattoos

I can’t say I don’t like tattoos even though I can’t really see myself getting one. I compliment a beautiful one and always listen to a person when he/she takes the pain to explain the tattoos to me. I find the art interesting too.

I see quite a number of women sporting this Rihanna star neck tattoo. Hmm!

Couples who are madly in love get matching tattoos to sort off ‘seal the deal’. Some of course, are left with the pain of getting rid of it when love flies of the window.

Angie had to remove the 'Billy Bob'. Love had gone.

Caspar Smart, Jennifer Lopez’s dancer and lover wants them to get matching tattoos and  I just wondered how a lady that isn’t really into tattoos would react if her husband/boyfriend/fiancé wanted them to get matching tattoos. 

Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Caspar Smart.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Rest in peace Susan Goldie Harvey

I woke up around 2am this morning to hear that Goldie had passed on. I couldn’t believe it so I switched off my phone and went back to sleep believing it was just another rumor.

But it wasn’t after all.

I didn’t personally know Susan Harvey but the few people I know who were close to her say very good things about the singer especially that she was generous to a fault and kind too.

Her song ‘Don’t touch my body’ is still a favorite of mine. I like all the daring things she did in her music videos and with her style. Goldie made you look and look. That was one of her strongest points as a performer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Playsuits, Women and Cellulite

A playsuit is probably one of the sexiest things a woman can wear. What with all that skin showing and legs, legs and more legs? It has this way of looking good on a woman no matter her shape and size. 

However, playsuits since they expose most of the thighs also expose other things, mostly cellulite.

I am one of those people that believe a woman should accept her body the way it is and not let her flaws make her insecure but I also think she should also realize that some of those flaws can be treated or well hidden. It doesn’t matter really and doesn’t make you less of a fashionista or less sexy if you dress to hide your flaws.


 I see women in playsuits and other short garbs in movies [actresses], at events and on the streets of Lagos showing stuff that I believe they shouldn’t be showing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My top 20 songs of the week

These are the songs that I have been listening to the whole of last week into this week. Of course I have listened to more than twenty songs but these songs [not in any order] are the ones on replay most of the time.

  •     Tracy Chapman ---Talking about a revolution. Download/Play

Monday, February 4, 2013

I guess nobody wanted to hear you say that Keyshia Cole.

If you are on Twitter, you would have seen a whole lot of tweets about the 47th annual Super Bowl. Most of them were about Beyonce’s performance and insults thrown at Keyshia Cole, the Heaven sent singer for saying that Michelle Williams of Destiny’s child ,who performed at Beyonce’s half time, was ‘always f***N things up’

Her tweet....

I am sure she was a bit surprised when people jumped on it and kept insulting her for those words even though she kept replying with a picture of herself saying ‘You Mad?’. 

Some tweets at Keyshia

And Keyshia mostly replied with...

I mean, Michelle had always been seen by people as the ‘weak link’ of Destiny’s Child. When the group broke up, there were talks all over cyber space that it was over for her too. So she said it, I believe, thinking people were going to join her and ridicule Michelle but she got the greatest surprise ever. I personally don’t think Michelle is that bad though. She is just not Beyonce. And this has shown that even though she might not be just as good, she does have her fans. Or at least people who won’t just sit around and watch her being insulted.

People were reminding Keyshia of her not-so sterling performances too. I guess those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I don’t think it was cool for Keyshia to say that about a fellow singer really. 

Yeah yeah, people might say ‘She was just being herself’ but even if she wanted to say something like that, she would have been a little nice. Or discreet. Artistes do it all the time, just not as brazen.

Spread the love and nothing else. Have a great week.

Lily Johnson

Saturday, February 2, 2013

How is it possible that a man doesn’t ‘do sexy’?

It was puzzling when I heard this but that is the situation. A newly married woman discovered that her husband wasn’t into lingerie and sexy night wear. He found them repulsive and actually said ‘Do not wear these things worn by prostitutes’

You can imagine how shocked she was to discover that her husband felt this way about lace and stuff. She had bought loads of sexy night wears, baby dolls and underwear to prepare for passionate nights in her marriage. That was what she got. 

I like this number by the way. Victoria Secrets has such lovely lingerie.

The couple had met in church and got married a few months ago. The lady was away in another state most of that time. Youth service I think. So they kept in touch and immediately she was done, they got married.
The lady obviously is troubled by this situation which was why she was talking about it. I don’t know how this has affected their sex life either. I think every woman wants to feel sexy, wear something sexy and gets admired by the man in her life. I could be wrong though. But I really don’t know how I’d feel if my husband wanted me to wear only those unattractive, long, shapeless night wears to bed each night because he felt that see-through ‘show-me-what-you-got night wears and underwear should only be worn by hookers. 

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