Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oscar Pistorius: The saga takes a turn for the worse.

I have been following the Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp story for a while now. I didn’t even know the man until his name was all over the news for shooting his girlfriend. Then I found out that I was the ignorant one. The man was some sort of legend. I watched his interviews prior to the whole brouhaha. Nice chap, soft spoken and his smile was a winner. The story before he gave was that he thought the very beautiful model who had been dating for a while was an intruder so he shot her and it was all a huge and unfortunate mistake. The world felt sorry for the man but of course there were people that didn’t believe it was an accident and the girl’s family wanted to know more

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius is a South African sprint runner and Paralympic star.

 The story seems to have changed. The prosecution believes Oscar might have killed Reeva in a blind rage and even have a theory backed with some new evidence; a bloodied cricket bat and the deceased’s iPad which they believe might contain a message Reeva got that sparked the whole drama. And there are reports that the Police had visited his home more than once following calls about domestic violence in the last three months. 

Reeva Steenkamp was a South African model and Pistorius' girlfriend

News sites are now flowing with angry comments from people that once idolized the man. With Reeva’s mum asking for her little girl and Pistorius’ weeping in court; the situation is a very very sad one. His case has been compared to that of OJ Simpson with people saying he might actually get away with murder. 

A South African news website today published this as what they believe happened in Oscar's home that night.

Of course he is innocent until proven guilty and I think Femi Fani-Kayode’s article is a bit harsh on the deceased. This just shows us that anger, steroids and guns don’t mix well. The negative effects of steroids include even ‘partial delusion’ where the person just gets blinded for a while and does something very crazy. 

A very lovely couple. Very sad..

You remember Chris Benoit the WWE wrestler who killed himself and his wife and beautiful son? That fatal act was blamed on his head injuries and steroids.

Chris Benoit and his family

Maybe Pistorius was pissed at Reeva for something because it does seem strange that he shot her more than once and killed her. So he was going to kill the intruder? I don’t know him but was he like always expecting an intruder who was going to kill him and had to act fast? It could also be that it was really an accident. The only person that knows what really happened that day is poor Reeva. 

May her soul rest in peace

God help us all

Lily Johnson

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  1. It is such a sad way to die...like you, I had no idea about him, I could not even connect him to the blade guy as he is called...I just hope the truth comes out someday.

    Who shoots an intruder more than once when it is not like they were fighting...sigh, life is so sad.

    1. It is really a sad situation. I hope they find out the truth too and let the law take its course. Poor girl.


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