Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And we are still talking about Kim Kardashian...

I love my Naija people. We are probably the most interesting people on earth. We are very opinionated, love good food and love to have loads of fun. And we can talk!

The last hasn’t been heard about Darey’s very successful Love Like A Movie concert. Bloggers, entertainers, writers and well, everybody is still talking about the one person who was the reason I am sure the tickets sold hundreds [if not thousands, no I wasn’t there], Kim Kardashian.

So I heard Darey [who is an artiste I really love his works] paid Kim K a whopping $500k to make a short appearance. Well, I have to be honest, I actually thought Kim was going to host the show with Darey [I was wrong, she was going to host the red carpet only] and I did wonder how she was going to do that still. She is pregnant. But the reality star spent under an hour in the show, took pictures, made ‘the appearance’ and left pronto.

So people who attended the show and other people who sat at home like me reading a book or watching a movie took to blogs like Linda Ikeji’s and were writing angry comments about the whole thing and insulting Kim K for being well a talentless porn star and Darey for being a sell out. Hmmm!

I am not Kim K’s fan but I do like her fashion and the fact that she is a good business woman. Let’s go through everything shall we?

# Kim Kardashian’s claim to fame is a sex tape which she made and intentionally leaked to the media and sold it for some cash: Yeah true. She made this tape with her boyfriend Ray J and well, it got leaked and she decided if the world was going to watch her ‘do this’ she might as well get paid for it. She did this in her 20s. She must have her regrets about the last decade now that she is in her 30s. We don’t know what they are. If she has ever asked God to forgive her, I am sure in HIS infinite mercies HE has. I’m sure we will all get there. 

# Kim Kardashian has no talent whatsoever so it was a wrong choice to choose her for Love like a Movie concert: Oh yeah, she is not a singer though The Dream produced a song for her. She wasn’t an actress till well, Tyler Perry went ahead and casted her for a movie that would be out very soon. What Kim is, is a business woman who has made her money just looking pretty and posing for some magazines nude and in clothes. Many women do this without achieving half the fame and money she has. It is mind boggling. She manages to draw people’s attention anywhere she goes and in anything she does. She knows how to create a buzz better than most international artistes that have talents. People love to hate her but would listen to her and watch her just to make bad comments and stuff. So she was paid to create a buzz for Darey’s concert and here we are.

#Kim was paid $500k to stay for under one hour: Someone has to ask if Darey if he is complaining about this investment. Did he make profit? Because the concert was awesome. Even the pictures were so beautiful and I am sure people enjoyed themselves with or without Kim. So the problem is really Darey’s and if he hasn’t complained that he was ripped off, why should anybody? Unless you didn’t enjoy the show. Yes the money can feed a small country for weeks but if Darey agreed to pay it and still pulled off a fantastic concert, it’s all good. 

I wonder if the concert would have been as packed as it was if Kim K had been replaced with a Nigerian star. Let’s say Genevive Nnaji or Ramsey Noah. Just a thought. We should appreciate our artistes too then we might not have to do this though that's how it is in the entertainment world anyway. And the truth about life is, there is nothing you would do that people won’t find something to complain about. Even if Alicia Keys was invited, somehow people would still find something to talk about that isn’t very cool. I read an article where someone even said ‘our local champions’ referring to our artistes and yet you wonder why Darey brought in Kim K. 

Anyway, good luck to us all as we try to leave our footprints on the sands of time. 

Lily Johnson


  1. thank you for wording my thoughts. The same bloggers issued several releases last week about Kim Kardashian making an appearance. And for those upset that she did not stay long, she fulfilled her contract obligations!!!

    1. I just wondered what the fuss was about. It was a great show. We should all applaud Darey and move on really. As for Kim, nobody is a saint. Period.


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