Saturday, February 23, 2013

That thin line between Sexy and Sheer Bravery

Taking fashion risks is quite cool and in the world of fashion, you are even considered as fashion forward. Some of these dresses however, make me wonder and wonder. It takes a brave woman who either doesn’t care about what the world says, is very very confident and thinks the world should see why or just simply well fashion crazy. 

You guys know why I chose the word ‘brave’ right? Because I know that there is no way in this world I would be able to wear these dresses. Ever. There is no way you would wear this kind of dresses and expect not to have a 'wardrobe malfunction.

Dresses that make you wonder: Risque or Honey but why??

 I can't even picture her walking without giving everyone a full frontal view of her 'you know'. But she wore this and paired it with heels that high to the Grammys. #Risque

Uma Thurman
So Uma decided to wear her good old panties under this number but we can all appreciate that it didn't do much good. Everything is on display. #Undecided

Lil Kim

This is body art right? #Honey but why?
Amal, Johnn Fashanu's pretty daughter.

Pretty dress but it was made to malfunction anyway. #Risque

Toni Braxton
Does anyone understand the logic behind this dress? #Honey but why?

Gianni Molaro's Spring 2012 collection
 I just added this monstrosity of a dress for the fun of it. Some designers might have started making clothes for aliens and we are here debating on whether they exist or not. The people who still sat down when this model came out are the brave ones. #Guy, what is this?

Have yourselves a fabulous weekend.

Lily Johnson

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