Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dear Woman: What successful women are made of by Sade Adebayo.

Sade Adebayo is a freelance editor who writes for local and international blogs and news sites. Lovely article. And I like that the number on the list is ‘She loves herself’. If you are looking for reasons to love yourself despite the situation you find yourself in right now, you will find quite a number of them here. Enjoy!

What Successful Women Are Made Of
A lot has been said about successful women. Many can't even define what they are, thinking it's just something linked to a woman's professional career or becoming something important. The truth is that the term “success” is quite subjective and it doesn't mean the same thing for everyone. For some women it can mean being able to have a happy family and a career at the same time, for others it may mean to be a good mother, and for others just feeling happy with their life. So how do they achieve these goals? Here are some of the things successful women are made of:


She Loves Herself - This is the first secret to being a successful woman. Indeed, a woman who loves herself will always know what is best for her in order to follow her dreams and achieve happiness.

She Has Goals – The most important thing a woman who wants to achieve success should keep in mind is having both long-term and short-term goals. They must be specific and not vague, and they must be achievable at some point of your life. Sometimes, in order to obtain better results, long-term goals can be fragmented into smaller steps which must always be kept in mind and focused on.

They Don't Hold Back - A successful woman knows what she's worth and she won't settle for less, at least not for long. She will never stay in a relationship in which she feels unappreciated or in a job she's not satisfied with. If this is your case, don't wait for change to happen but make it happen: look for jobs in your field in order to follow your career dreams, and if you're not happy with your man don't settle for less than perfect!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Featured! Charly Boy’s The SEE FINISH Syndrome [For couples only]

After reading this article, I decided to put it up here [after asking for and getting Charly Boy’s approval] especially since Valentine’s day is here when many couples who might be going through the See Finish Syndrome are probably trying to get each other gifts. Maybe not. What is funny is many people who are courting/dating after a few years, break up because of this. This article makes a lot of sense. Charly Boy went there! It is a long read, a bit explicit and funny but not boring at all so buckle up.

The article

When two people, lovers, friends, partners or even team mates can consistently predict one another’s moves like clockwork, it is called SEE FINISH.
See finish can help one in fully understanding your partner. However, See finish in a marriage has its own bad sides and if not checked can lead to the death of DESIRE in a marriage, especially, sexually.
That’s when couples start to take each other for granted and no longer as granted. SEE FINISH in a marriage is when one spouse is desperately yearning for more sex, connection or physical closeness, and the other for whatever reason, seems a bit unconcerned about their partner’s feelings, or just not with it anymore.


For instance, if in the beginning of a marriage, a couple enjoyed going out together and five years into their union as husband and wife, both of them begin to hate the idea of hanging out with each other,hmmmmmm SEE FINISH has entered the matter.
See finish is when your spouse is no longer attractive sexually, when you start looking at your spouse as a sister or a brother. For married people, it when making love has become a chore instead of the affirmation of love and intimacy.

The worst stage of See Finish in a marriage that there are couples who haven’t made it to their 10th year in marriage and already there is little or no action in the bedroom? If their desire has finally kicked the bucket before year ten, we that have survived 37 years should ask for a divorce or what? There are couples who have lost all intimacy in their marriage, some of them live under the same roof like total strangers and some are just co-habiting. It is crazy but it is true.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Of poverty, breaking and entering and kids.

When you read newspapers and see armed robbers caught by the Police, do you ever wonder if some of them started stealing from childhood or was it just borne out of extreme lack? I witnessed something mind boggling this evening and even took some pictures. Two primary school boys between the ages of 9-11 broke into their headmaster’s office in search of anything to sell for money if the confession of one of them is anything to go by.

Caught in the act.

I watched from a balcony in horror as one of the boys used a stone to break the padlock and instructed the other boy to ‘watch out’ for him while he went inside.  He was there for a few minutes when I and a relative of mine alerted one the school security men who had seen the ‘look out’ boy and was asking what he was doing there. The man went in and dragged the boy in the office out. This is one of the craziest things I have witnessed in my life. Small boys!!

The 'look out' boy. Cried his eyes out when they were caught.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy New month people and some talk about sexual harassment.

May this month bring us love and joy and all things bright and beautiful. February will be good to us all. Just when I thought January had refused to go, February came and I’m like ‘Wow, we are in the second month already? Lol


Anyway, a lady told me this story. She was in a bus and a guy came in to sit next to her. He began to chat with her, asked her where she was going and all that stuff. She answered politely. Then as the normal Lagos bus can be, he had to ‘shift’ so people can sit beside them. But what this guy did was more than adjust. He put his hand behind her head and another hand was almost touching her boobs. His perfect excuse was the stuffy bus. He was practically feeling on her. She was confused as at what to do because she felt she couldn’t ask him to adjust back because the lady sitting at the end wasn’t even sitting well. She endured this throughout the journey and the guy was even chatty and made it seem like ‘they were together’. 

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