Monday, January 31, 2011

The crack of the matter

I love being a woman and yes, I want to turn heads when I walk into a room. (ahem.. not really because I am a little shy). I love fashion. I like looking and feeling sexy. But I don't believe that I have to show my buttcrack to be sexy. That, in my opinion is trashy. Trashy can be sexy but sexy doesn't have to be trashy.

Some days ago, I was looking for a shirt to wear to work and I brought out this fine shirt of mine that I had not worn in ages and wondered why it was so.  So I dressed up and as usual, I took a bike to get me to the next bus stop. I noticed that the air was carressing the lower part of my waist. Then it hit me; that part of my body was exposed and the people in the buses and cabs behind me were..well having a field day looking at my partially exposed behind. My crack wasn't exactly showing when I touched there but it must have shown once in a while when the bike entered a pot hole on the road.

Then my fight with my beautiful shirt began. I would draw it down, it would go up again. Then I had to hold it all the way. I realised why I hadn't worn that shirt in a while.
When I entered a bus, I am sure I must have shown something and some more when I got down and I am sure the passengers would be making fun of me because of the way I was preoccupied with making sure they see nothing and failing woefully.

Some ladies do not think it is wrong to show that part of their body when they are on bikes or any where for that matter. Every day you get to see all colours of booty and g-strings all over the place. I am not going to talk about the 'secrets' exposed in the process. You know you can see that on the beach but on the road in the morning? Comeon!

All I am saying is that a woman can look sexy even when she is decently dressed. There is nothing wrong with showing a little skin once in a while but not the way that people would call you what you are not. And wear your confidence baby. Afterall a lot of men think that there is nothing as sexy as a confident woman.

Keep looking good people!

Lily Johnson

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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Okay, I am a very happy woman right now. I won a giveaway on Blogger for the first time. And I don't remember the last time I won anything and I have the fabulous November Grey to thank for it. It's this fab eyeshadow/liner by Becca. I was given awards (THE STYLISH AND VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARDS) by two dear bloggers. I want to thank Ibhade and Nutty J for giving me these awards (Yep, two of the same award just goes a long way to say how stylish I am. Lol)

You guys are awesome.

Though I have done this before but I don't think if it was an award and since I haven't changed one bit, I am pretty much going to say the same thing.

Seven things about me right? Here goes

1. I am not particularly a very patient person. I can be sometimes when it is really important that I should be especially with the people I care about. I am a bottom line kind of person. Don’t beat about the bush. Tell me what I need to hear. Tell me what is important and very fast too if you don’t want me to get really pissed.

2. I am not a materialistic woman. Don’t get me wrong. I love every good thing that money can buy. I have dreams of wearing priceless gems to parties organized by The Billionaire club (does that exist?) which my man happens to be the president of (I told you it was a dream and babe, I am a huge dreamer). All I am saying is that you don’t have to have tons of money to impress me. Honesty, consistency and loyalty earn you huge marks with me. I am not going to stop being your friend because I realized you couldn’t get me a Louis Vuitton bag. I will not sell my soul for a diamond bracelet. I will be with anyone that makes me happy and fulfilled even if he doesn’t have a lot.

3. I can be a tad too clean. I might remind you of Bree Van de Kamp of Desperate Housewives. I do drive everyone crazy sometimes. “Don’t drop the cup there!” “Pick up that bottle cap!” ‘That shirt is dirty. Do your laundry!” So my hands are always doing something. Washing dishes, cleaning, sweeping etc.

4. I am a shy person. I get uneasy when people stare at me even when I know that they didn’t mean to be rude. To walk into a room filled with people can be very difficult for me.

5. I am a realist. I would like to believe that there is a good side to everything and would like they say, look on the bright side but I believe in embracing reality. So I love to be told the truth about every situation that I find myself in. I believe in seeing things the way they really are and then try to be optimistic.

6. I am passionate about the issues of the female gender. They call it feminism. I believe in empowering women through education. I believe women deserve to be treated with respect. I believe that crimes against women like rape and forced early marriage are crimes against humanity.

7. I am very passionate about music. Every day, I thank God for the gift of music.

Now, I give these prestigious award to....

  • November Grey
  • Shade Non-Conformist
  • Ginger
  • Linda Medrano
  • carma
  • Dara
  • Ribka
  • Carol Paxman
  • Krista
  • Eddee
  • Till my dying day
  • Kathryn
  • Maka
  • Noe Noe Girl
  • Nigerian Film and TV Addict
So guys, tell us seven things about yourselves and give the award to 15 bloggers. Share the love!

Humph! I know a lot of other people that deserve this award from but they probably already got it and done the deed. Like the two darlings that gave them to me and some dear bloggers that are there for me.

So I am off to their blogs bearing glad tidings!

Keep keeping it real guys!

Lily Johnson

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year people! Oh my God! (Dusting the entire place and getting rid of the cobwebs) I haven’t been here in a while because… well, I got a writing job that later led to joining the company’s advert team. All in all, it has been tough and in the process, I have met a lot of people. Some have become my pals too. The job doesn’t give me the ‘Yay! I got a brand new job’ feeling. I am doing it for something I stand to gain in the long run. Besides the pay doesn’t encourage a ‘Yay!’ either.

It is a brand New Year and I want to use this opportunity to say a big ‘thank you’ to all my readers and followers. You guys are just wonderful and I wish you all the luck you would need to be anything you want to be this year and beyond.

I will try my possible best to read your beautiful blogs and post something here too.

Take care my people!

Lily Johnson.
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