Monday, January 31, 2011

The crack of the matter

I love being a woman and yes, I want to turn heads when I walk into a room. (ahem.. not really because I am a little shy). I love fashion. I like looking and feeling sexy. But I don't believe that I have to show my buttcrack to be sexy. That, in my opinion is trashy. Trashy can be sexy but sexy doesn't have to be trashy.

Some days ago, I was looking for a shirt to wear to work and I brought out this fine shirt of mine that I had not worn in ages and wondered why it was so.  So I dressed up and as usual, I took a bike to get me to the next bus stop. I noticed that the air was carressing the lower part of my waist. Then it hit me; that part of my body was exposed and the people in the buses and cabs behind me were..well having a field day looking at my partially exposed behind. My crack wasn't exactly showing when I touched there but it must have shown once in a while when the bike entered a pot hole on the road.

Then my fight with my beautiful shirt began. I would draw it down, it would go up again. Then I had to hold it all the way. I realised why I hadn't worn that shirt in a while.
When I entered a bus, I am sure I must have shown something and some more when I got down and I am sure the passengers would be making fun of me because of the way I was preoccupied with making sure they see nothing and failing woefully.

Some ladies do not think it is wrong to show that part of their body when they are on bikes or any where for that matter. Every day you get to see all colours of booty and g-strings all over the place. I am not going to talk about the 'secrets' exposed in the process. You know you can see that on the beach but on the road in the morning? Comeon!

All I am saying is that a woman can look sexy even when she is decently dressed. There is nothing wrong with showing a little skin once in a while but not the way that people would call you what you are not. And wear your confidence baby. Afterall a lot of men think that there is nothing as sexy as a confident woman.

Keep looking good people!

Lily Johnson

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  1. LilyJ, Low hung jeans are evil!! and I know that scenario of pulling down on your shirt trying to minimise damage. I've been there before :).
    This post reminds me of this time I was in a bus, and the butt cheeks of the lady seated in front of me was just hanging out for all to see. And it was a dark blotchy bum. Imagine my surprise when she got up and I saw a side view of a perfect fair face. My friend and I just burst into laughter. It was one of the nastiest combos I've ever seen....

  2. I'd be interested to know if (most) men even find this attractive...

  3. please tell them o! happy to know there are gals like you who won't shout at people like me as OLD-FASHIONED! OR ODEDE![old woman] when we try to caution them! Truthfully speaking, we women make men to lose respect for us and see us as sex toys to be played with! What happened to the days of our fore fathers when the men were eager to know a gal & pursue her with fervor, love & respect huh?..ALL GONE! Is it from our musicians to the fashion world? THEY SAY, IF YOU HAVE IT, FLAUNT IT!...but seriously?????
    Then what is there for a future lover to look forward to when it had been exhibited publicly.
    My cuz was fond of wearing low hung jeans with small tight shirts that barely covered her body! That is how, i will be adjusting her shirt when we enter bus o! My other cuz, don't even wear pant o!
    I beg make i stop you before i write a full post on it..hehehe

  4. I think the biggest sex organ of all is the brain. The imagination is far sexier than any body part a person exposes. A little peak at cleavage is better to most men than nude full on breasts. A glimpse of thigh is more intriguing than a lady's hoohoo being totally exposed. Remember, less is more in the eye of the imagination.

  5. @Ginger: Lol @'low hung jeans are evil'. I just don't get it. A lot of girls wear them and i keep wondering why. And when you should hide it like the lady you saw? Nonsense! Thanks.

    @Amy: Thats a good question. I believe some of them do. It is a crazy world. Thanks.

    @Ibhade:My dear if being decent is old fashioned then thats what i want to be always. I went to an office today and the secretary wore a low hung jeans with no panties and just a bra top under a very tight top with no bra. Can you even imagine that? I don't get it. Thanks

    @Linda: I believe that. Leave a lot to their imagination. Thanks

  6. In my opinion, that is one of the most unattractive things on the planet. I wear super-low rise jeans all the time; that said, no one has ever seen that part of my body - and I'm going to keep it that way! :)

  7. @Cafe Fashionista: I hear you on keeping it that way. Ofcourse you'll always get it right girl. You are Erica!

  8. Hey, I loved this. Looking sexy like looking beautiful is a state of the mind.. Have you ever seen a woman in an Indian Sari- a fabric that can concel but yet be subtly sexy..! I guess what you mean about being "trashy" is the the "in your face sexiness" - that hits you yes but also leaves you quickly. What lingers is the subtle sexiness.

  9. Hey, how are you and long time. I have lavished you with the stylish and versatile blogger award. Won't say too much since you already have it. lol. Happy New Year to you.

    - LDP

  10. Haha!! Yikes! Sorry about that! Yeah, sexy only works when you're not showing the bits and pieces that are meant to cover up. When that happens it isn't sexy anymore, it's trashy.

    That must have been an uncomfortable day though *can't watch*



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