Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I love perfumes. I tell anyone who cares to listen how I adore a good fragrance. I assume everyone does anyway. My romance with Channel No 5 has been as passionate as it has been pocket unfriendly. Someone just gave me a bottle of Lolita Lempicka. I think I like it. I haven’t used it long enough to decide if I love it. I love the bottle though.  I don’t like perfumes that smell too sweet or have vanilla notes that are just too much or smell too strong.

I think it is awesome when people just tell you how good you smell. There is something about it that boosts your confidence.  A dab of perfume on the neck area and on the wrists is just enough to keep you smelling and feeling terrific all day.
Unfortunately, some people just practically ‘bathe’ in perfume and have a cloud around them that does nothing but suffocate everyone else.

On my way to work one day, a woman entered the bus I was in and with her came an over-powering smell that made everyone uncomfortable. I could have sworn I heard an elderly woman in the bus praying that she should get down at the next bus stop. The perfume didn’t even smell nice at all.
I’d once choked and almost hyperventilated when a man came to stand beside me at a bus stop. The awful smelling fragrance he loaded on his coat was strangely forcing itself down my throat. I moved away from him but it seemed like it was following me about. The man just kept on starring at me. I was tempted to tell him to throw his perfume away because it smelt terrible! Maybe he used too much and it just didn't mix well with the smell of sweat.

Someone told me that just because you can't perceive the fragrance doesn’t mean it is not there and in fact, most of the time you wouldn’t! We all are guilty of this kind of over indulgence once in a while. I must have done that with the first bottle of Chanel that I got. Maybe the second one too.  Jeez!

Do tell me that perfume you absolutely adore.

Take care people!

Lily Johnson.


  1. Another Chanel woman, huh? I only wear "Coco" by Chanel. It's a lovely sophisticated fragrance and perfect for a woman of my age. You, Lily, stick with your Chanel #5. It's pure bliss on young women! Love it!

  2. I love perfumes too and thankfully i have been kept in stock by family and friends, God bless them!.
    I love new smells so I am not particular....I've used most Lizbeth Arden perfs and love 'em. Then Hugo Boss Intense is...umm Intense.

  3. My fave perfume is Hanae Mori!


  4. hahahahaha @ the lady in the bus scene. It sure good to smell the cool breeze of the ocean....nay! i don't have any fav...the one that is pocket friendly i go for :))

  5. @Linda: I hear you Ma. I will do just that.I absolutely love it too. Thanks!

    @Ginger: Liz Arden right? Maybe i could try that when i want to to try new perfumes. Thanks!

    @CoutureCarrie: Must smell really good. Thanks for sharing.

    @Ibhade: Abi o! Thanks!

  6. I always use White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. It will forever be my favorite perfume!! :)

  7. i really hate the smell of strong perfumes.Nice blog

  8. @CafeFashionista: I might just try that because i know you have an excellent taste. Thanks!

    @NikkiSho: Thanks girl!

  9. I have too many I love but 2 stand out for me....Michael Kors and Black Orchid by Tom Ford, I recently got the Lolita Lempika and I kinda like it....but for everyday it's Burberry Weekend. Absolutely adore it.

  10. lol@ The lady in the bus scene.
    some people just like to bathe in perfume. I have no preference, once it is nice, I buy or take from whoever

  11. @Mamuje: I will try them. I know i like Burberry. Thanks for sharing dear!

    @Lara: Cool dear. Thanks!

  12. pls can anyone recommend a perfume that smells similar to chanel chance
    thanks in advance
    I love your blog btw

  13. I love Lolita! Been in love with that scent for almost 5 years now! But I am so in love with Rumeur by Lanvin and the Classic Marc Jacobs. I a perfume whore too many bottles to count and more to get!!!!!! nothing like a beautiful scent!

  14. hahah!! Death by Perfume!

    I love perfume, but i'm always conscious about not bathing in it cause i hate it when others do, you know.

    Whoop Whoop for Chanel No. 5. Classic


  15. Ah! Lolita Lempicka is one of my fave perfumes. Sweet and fruity


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