Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adieu Cynthia Osokogu....

Please if you know nothing about beautiful Cynthia who was reported missing in July and was found dead and in a morgue in Lagos, read about it here.

I just want to advise ladies to be extremely careful and prayerful. Before you leave home, tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting so that if by any chance, you get missing or anything, people would know where to start from. Young girls, please meet up with people you don’t really know i.e people you met on Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger in public places. No precaution is too small. There are ritualists, robbers and really bad people masked as ‘cool guys’ who are on these platforms looking for people to kill, rob, rape, and other bad things. 

I am disheartened by this and it does remind me of something personal. It is indeed a crazy world. I wish her loving family the fortitude to bear the loss. 

RIP Cynthia. Rest in the bossom of the Lord.

May God help us all.

Lily Johnson

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Friday, August 17, 2012

When should a woman stop fighting for her man?

While some women might be well aware of their husbands’ opinions concerning polygamy maybe because they are Muslims or traditionalists or just a person who believes it’s only natural for a man to have more than one wife, some are not until it hits them square in the face. 

I have watched two women I know go through the terrible ordeal of finding out, fighting to keep their men, and then sadly living with the fact that their husbands are married to other [younger] women.

Woman A: Martha’s husband was her college sweetheart. He found it difficult to pay school fees at the time because his father had three wives and his mum was the first wife. The man who was just a farmer couldn’t take care of his children. Martha’s parents were doing well so she began to support Ahmed. She helped him with school fees, feeding and buying books. He promised her he would never marry two wives even though he was a Muslim because he didn’t want his children to ever go through what he went through plus of course, he wouldn’t betray her in that manner. Martha believed him because her father was a Muslim and her mother a Christian and he didn’t marry another wife.

After 15 years of marriage that produced 2 boys and a girl, Ahmed who was now doing very well, decided to take another wife; a girl in the vicinity who was in her early twenties. Martha nearly went mad. As I narrate this, she isn’t still very stable mentally. There was nothing she didn’t do. She confronted the girl and her family, fought for her man for several months and of course took the matter to their families. Ahmed’s family of course told her it wasn’t wrong according to their faith. After 5years of marriage, that produced two kids, the girl just left the man. He went back to Martha who forgave him. Less than two years later, he married again, this time to a divorcee. I don’t know how she’s getting by right now.

Woman B: Laura married this police man [before he became the head of a district] when she was 20years old. When she had a first child through C section, the husband’s family was outraged. They told their son that she had bad luck and wouldn’t have more than one child. This woman risked her life, went against doctor’s orders and had 3 more kids. This shocked the family of her husband and they were forced to accept her. Everything was going very well until the policeman all of a sudden rented an apartment for another woman. When Laura found out, she took the woman’s phone number from her husband’s phone and began to call her every minute to threaten, beg sometimes and curse her.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


 Life is full of surprises and up and downs and all that. All we have to do is just learn as we go. You do what you can. Share your experiences. Learn from your mistakes and be a better person.

Here are the few things I learnt these few months
  •  That a mother looking for her lost child would do just about anything. Being a parent isn’t easy and we all should really appreciate our folks especially those that have been there for us. I know a woman whose young daughter ran off with a shady guy who has no plans whatsoever for her. She left school and ever since, she cut off all contacts with her family. This is a girl her family loves and it’s not like she wasn’t brought up well. Bad company is the worst thing that could happen to any youngster dear readers especially if he or she is dying to belong. Her mum has been everywhere and done everything. Very painful. The girl is finally talking to her family and we all hope she realizes that she’s just wasting away before it is too late.
  • That virgin coconut oil is VERY good for the skin. I stumbled on this information somewhere and I was a bit skeptical. But I remembered that my mum had a bottle of it that she bought months ago. Just mix it Shea butter and use it sparingly at night because you don’t want to go about in the morning smelling like coconut. Wash off in the morning with very luke warm water. Don’t do hot. If you have oily skin, don’t use this. The deal is use something natural sometimes. It doesn’t have to be all the time.
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