Monday, September 16, 2013

New Music: Muna gi – Lily Johnson ft Wizboyy.

So this is one of the results of my relentless labour in the studio. Lol. Muna gi is a love song and it's high life. Thank God I'm beginning to realize that I can actually do any genre of music and even have a little fun at it. Ok, 'any' is taking it a bit too far but you get the gist. I said in an earlier post it was a breeze working with Wizboyy who co-produced the song with my very talented producer Dhecade.' Muna gi ga-ebi' means 'You and I will live together' Like saying I will marry you. I hope you guys enjoy the song.

Click here to listen

Have yourselves a fantastic week ahead.

Lily Johnson                                                        

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pheromones, tantalizing incense sticks and a curious cat

I was doing a research online earlier today and I stumbled on something that I find quite interesting; pheromones. Actually, there was a time I was reading a lot on the thing and found an equally curious partner in a friend of mine. 

A pheromone is a chemical an animal produces which changes the behaviour of another animal of the same species (animals include insects). Some describe pheromones as behaviour-altering agents. Many people do not know that pheromones trigger other behaviours in the animal of the same species, apart from sexual behaviour.
Pheromones, unlike most other hormones are ectohormones - they act outside the body of the individual that is secreting them - they impact a behaviour on another individual. Read more here


So apart from sexual behaviour, pheromones can trigger other behaviours like people can like you more, you step into a room and people are drawn to you and you get ‘lucky’.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy September plus Does anyone wonder about the other woman involved?

May this new month bring to us blessings immeasurable and God’s divine protection in Jesus Name, Amen.


So just as some people have said though I’m not sure I like the way they are going about it, I really do want the whole Ese Walters case to just end. Instead of church members [if they are] going to blogs to trash the lady, I feel they should rather hold their peace and pray for their pastor because whether or not Ese’s story is true, the man of God needs prayers now more than anything. 

The ridiculous jokes are just too crazy. I read an ‘interview’ on Myne’s blog. Read it here. Sad and totally unnecessary. I can’t help but wonder how Pastor Biodun’s wife feels about all this. I mean walking in her shoes at this time cannot be easy. Take away the whole church thingy; I asked myself these questions: if my husband makes the stupid decision to cheat on me [God abeg o!] in as much as I would want him to feel the pain I feel for being betrayed in that way and how I would want him to suffer a little [ok not a little], would I want it to be the talk about town? Would I want it to be on every blog and every magazine and newspaper with the tag ‘sizzling’? Would I want to look at people’s faces and wonder what they think of me? Why the man I married decided to leave our matrimonial bed and seek sexual pleasures outside our bedroom? People are going to wonder if I am good in bed. Maybe I don’t give him enough action or his ‘kind of action’. How painfully embarrassing!

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