Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little something about me (2) My weird little thingy with music.

There’s this old song that goes this way.

I don’t wanna, talk about it.

How you broke my heart.

If I stay here just a little bit longer

If I stay here would you listen

To my heart…..oh my heart.

I think I was ten years old when I first heard this song and I didn’t know who the artiste was then but the song always made me cry.

I write songs and I love music but one weird thing about me is that unlike most people, I can’t go to bed with cool music playing. You know that type that lulls most of you to sleep? It keeps me awake and alert. I can sleep soundly with the T.V on but not with any kind of music playing. I would just think and think about nothing and everything.

I just mentioned this song that I later found out was originally sang by Rod Stewart because I hadn’t heard it in a while and I just did. Sometimes, you hurt so much that you just want to hug yourself and talk to nobody. Even the person that has hurt you. Your heart is bleeding and you are thinking it is partly your fault that you are hurting or you shouldn’t even allow yourself to hurt that much and you are confused. You want the person to understand without you saying much that you are hurting and you need some love, some encouragement or maybe a heart-felt apology.

No matter how close you are with someone, how great you guys understand each other; there would always be the down times when it seems like you guys are total strangers. It is how you deal with these situations that makes what you guys have stronger.

Yeah, and I just realized that the song still brought tears to my eyes. Do you have any song that does that to you or should I feel embarrassed for sharing this?

And yes, it is better if you talk about it.

Lily Johnson.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

That mole hill doesn’t have to be a mountain!

About three weeks ago, I woke up one morning and as I was brushing my teeth, my eyes caught the bathroom mirror and I was horrified at what I saw. I had this big and ugly bulge on my forehead. I couldn’t believe it. It looked like someone had punched me in the face! I had a meeting in the next two hours. You can imagine how embarrassing it was for me.

I used the art of make up to salvage the situation trying as hard as I can not to look like a clown. It was fair. Everybody still wanted to know what happened to my forehead.

The bulge happened to be a very small pimple. A blackhead actually. So I tried to press it out but couldn’t and I mounted too much pressure on it because I hated blackheads on my face. Nothing came out; instead I had a bigger bulge that left a spot on my face eventually.

This is exactly what happens when you fret and fuss about a very minor issue; you make it a big problem.

Like the old saying ‘Making a mountain out of a molehill’, some of us just have a penchant for blowing up small issues that can be addressed and solved within minutes into a problem that would take ages to solve. Most of us do that once in a while. When an issue is small, it should be treated as such if not overlooked. In a bus, a man mistakenly stepped on a woman’s toes and apologized profusely and even brought out his clean handkerchief to dust her feet. You would have let it go if it were you right? This woman didn’t. She kept on shouting at the man, calling him unprintable names and cursing him. He apologized again. People were like “Is there more to this? He apologized. Shouldn’t she let it go?” Then one thing led to another and she slapped the man. That was when the real problem began. The man just made some calls without saying a word. The bus was stopped by a group of mobile policemen several minutes later and the woman was arrested for assaulting an officer. You and I know that before she would get herself out of that situation, they would have taught her a lesson. And all for what!?

When an issue (problem, quarrel, and misunderstanding) is small, it is best to approach it like a small one. That is not the time to bring out your guns and prepare for fire. Leave that and save that energy for big issues. You know what I am talking about. What could be a small thingy to me might be a biggie to and vice versa but then let it rest dear, if it is not worth the trouble. Just like I should have left that tiny blackhead. A scrub would have removed it. Not the pressure I mounted on it by squeezing and squeezing. You would think I should know better than that. Now I need something for the spots it left on my face. Feel free to recommend anything that could work.

May God give us all the wisdom to deal with all our issues in life.

Lily Johnson
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