Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Give them away!!

I was going through my things some days back and found some things that I'd had for some years that I don't use anymore. I didn't even know that I had some of them. Makeup, some accessories and old perfume bottles. (Jeez! I didn't know that I still had that odd red lipstick. And the broken silver earrings. And an almost empty Chanel No5 bottle that I got as a present).

For one reason or the other mostly emotional, we keep things we don't need. And that is because sometimes, we buy things we don't need. I love the 'wet and luscious lips' look so I tend to buy tubes of lip gloss whenever I go shopping even when I know that I had three years supply in my make up bag.

I am writing this piece to advise us (you and I) to do away with things in our possession that we don't make use of and probably don't need instead of leaving them to amass dust and occupy much needed space.
Some of us have closets full of clothes and shoes that we are done with. Give them out to friends or charity or simply get rid of them.

I know you might want to keep some things that you are emotionally attached to but do your best to keep those that are kind of important and evoke pleasant memories.
So it is time to be generous and to get some space to keep things that are important people. And be mighty tidy too.

I am writing my exams this week. Wish me luck. Thanks.

See you guys soon.

Lily Johnson

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am.... still Lily Johnson!!

I just changed my blog title people. Yeah, I want to include a whole lot in my postings. I want to tell you guys what i think about everything. Now, it is only the name that changed okay? I am still me. You might see a part of me that you have not seen before. It is still good old me. Proudly Nigerian and a lover of all the races of the world. Highly opinionated and still down to earth.

I am still the woman you know and have come to love.  You will still see what you expect to see, some that you do not and a few that would amaze you.

Thanks for being there y'all

Lily Johnson

Friday, June 11, 2010

Posting problems!!!

I have been in a cyber cafe for hours now trying to post but Blogger is telling me that it cannot be saved due to 'form errors' so it cannot be posted!

Just imagine how frustrated I am right now. I have spent my time and my money here and I have achieved nothing.

Anyway, I really wanted to connect with everyone because i missed you guys more than you can imagine. I am just trying to make ends meet and get steady connection and I will very soon.

I changed my blog template so if anyone is having problems like viewing it or leaving comments, kindly let me know.

I love you all.

All 23 of you.

Lily Johnson
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