Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Give them away!!

I was going through my things some days back and found some things that I'd had for some years that I don't use anymore. I didn't even know that I had some of them. Makeup, some accessories and old perfume bottles. (Jeez! I didn't know that I still had that odd red lipstick. And the broken silver earrings. And an almost empty Chanel No5 bottle that I got as a present).

For one reason or the other mostly emotional, we keep things we don't need. And that is because sometimes, we buy things we don't need. I love the 'wet and luscious lips' look so I tend to buy tubes of lip gloss whenever I go shopping even when I know that I had three years supply in my make up bag.

I am writing this piece to advise us (you and I) to do away with things in our possession that we don't make use of and probably don't need instead of leaving them to amass dust and occupy much needed space.
Some of us have closets full of clothes and shoes that we are done with. Give them out to friends or charity or simply get rid of them.

I know you might want to keep some things that you are emotionally attached to but do your best to keep those that are kind of important and evoke pleasant memories.
So it is time to be generous and to get some space to keep things that are important people. And be mighty tidy too.

I am writing my exams this week. Wish me luck. Thanks.

See you guys soon.

Lily Johnson


  1. Best of luck on your exams! I'm sure you will do great but I'll send a little extra luck your way just so you don't have to work quite so hard. ;o)

    I am moving next month so I will very soon start the preliminary round of Sort/Pitch/Pack. I love it! I am a Master Turfer and love giving things away! The trouble comes when I go overboard and pitch things I need the week after... :o)

  2. I am terrible at getting rid of things... I think an episode of Hoarders a week should be mandatory viewing for pack rats =)

  3. Good luck w/those exams. I have a new law at my cant leave w/out taking something with you!

  4. I agree with you Lily.. I couldn't really get over the emotions from my first relationship till I threw everything I had in possession. Its actually a way to move on..

  5. God's best in your exams this week. What exams though? Uni ones?

    You are right about giving stuffs away :)

    - LDP

  6. Krista: Thanks for your comment. You are moving huh? Good luck in all you do my dear and just give away the things you don't need.

    Amy: Thanks for commenting. Yep! Anything to keep us all from hoarding.

    Noe Noe Girl: Baby girl, I would just love to visit you every week! Thanks for the comment.

  7. Chanz: Yes it is my dear. Just let everything go. Thanks for the comment.

  8. LDP: Thanks for the comment. Yes Uni ones. Take care

  9. all d best with ur exams!

    1st time here ...

  10. Such a good message in this post. I constantly go through my belongings and donate what I don't use to charity - it always makes me feel wonderful.

    Good luck on your exams, my love!! :)

  11. well said, I was just saying to my husband this morning that we need to work more on bringing less into the house and getting rid of more.
    My dream is for a completely minimalistic life!

    Hope exams went well!!!

  12. Musco: Thanks for dropping by.

    CafeFashionista: Thanks Erica for commenting and for being such a nice person.

    Carma: Yep. you guys should just do that. Still writing my exams. Thanks!

  13. Oh, good luck with your exams!

    I'm surprised how many people are talking about cleaning things out and simplifying their's fabulous advice!

    This last move kinda forced me to clean out and was ultimately good for all of us.

  14. Great advice Lily, aren't we all guilty of that. My garage is full of stuff I plan to use somewhere in the future. Problem is, as soon as I throw an item away, I suddenly need it for something... hehe....

    Thanks for dropping a line on my site, and thanks for your kind words, I however think it is the other way around, I am lucky to have such a lovely wife. :-)

    Thanks again and I trust your exams went well.

    Hope to see you visit again. I liked your story about Jake and Eric, justice shall prevail... and I hate a wife beater.

    Have a super day.



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