Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am.... still Lily Johnson!!

I just changed my blog title people. Yeah, I want to include a whole lot in my postings. I want to tell you guys what i think about everything. Now, it is only the name that changed okay? I am still me. You might see a part of me that you have not seen before. It is still good old me. Proudly Nigerian and a lover of all the races of the world. Highly opinionated and still down to earth.

I am still the woman you know and have come to love.  You will still see what you expect to see, some that you do not and a few that would amaze you.

Thanks for being there y'all

Lily Johnson


  1. Just came across your blog from Linda Ikeji and have read through.

    The story, April Fool was great. I write too and some of my stories are on and on my blog.

  2. Hi Lily,

    Bring it on! I am ready for it all :-)!!


  3. Laurie took it out of my mouth. I was going to say "Bring it On" too. lol

    - LDP

  4. Myne Whitman : I kinda like your name. Thanks for commenting and i will check out your stories and probably post mine at the website.

    CountessLaurie: Oh thanks a lot Laurie darling.

    LDP : I am gonna do just that my pal. Thanks.

  5. looking forward to learning more about you!


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