Monday, May 30, 2011

So what’s in the bag Lily?

I was tagged by Miss Hautness herself, Dith. The deal is to show what’s in my bag. Okay..alright.. let’s go there!

Take a picture of the bag and its contents
Tag as many bloggers as you want.
Mention who tagged you.

Now introducing the bag....
It’s a Luis Vuitton (?). I have had this bag for I think two years.

And the things you would ALWAYS find in it

The pic aint all that, I am sorry. Took it in a hurry with a phone.

A bottle of body mist: A girl’s gotta stay fresh always.

Flash drive: My work is always on the go with me incase I need to show them to someone.

Purse: Now that baby holds a lot! A number of I.D cards, complementary cards, cash, aspirin...

Contact lens cleaning solution: I have been stranded before in a place and had to sleep in my contacts. I woke up in the morning looking like a train wreck. Yes, I have eye issues.

A diary: No I don’t keep a diary. I write addresses, phone numbers, things I don’t want to forget.

Pens: I sometimes have up to six of them in my bag. Lol.

Blackberry/charge & phone: I need them. Who doesn’t?

Visine: I get the redness sometimes so I need it.

Lipgloss: This is my favourite makeup item. I have a number of tubes and I always have at least one in my bag.

Glasses: I use them too.

Compact powder: Incase I need to retouch my makeup.

Now these things are always in my bag. Of course sometimes, I have other stuff like breath mints, the novel I am reading, house keys, a fashion magazine...etc in the bag depending on what is going on.

I tag the following bloggers...

Linda Medrano
Chizy K
Modern African Cuisine

Many people have been tagged already so if you haven't been tagged and you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

Have yourselves a blessed week

Lily Johnson

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent happenings....

My only surviving grandparent, my paternal grandmother died early yesterday morning. Very sad day for me and my family especially my dad. She was barely seventy. She was fun; had an enviable sense of humour. She just woke up that morning, came out of the house to greet the neighbours, told her house help to get some medication for her at a nearby chemist, went into her room and slept.....May her gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.

Have you ever wondered why some people would make promises and when they can’t fulfil them, they run? This childhood friend of mine called me up a few days to my birthday and told me he was going to get me a surprise gift. He made me give him all the necessary information to mail the package. He was talking like the gift was something big. My birthday came and went and after about ten days without hearing from him, I called his mobile. It rang and he didn’t pick the call. I was just calling to check up on him but of course, he was avoiding me. I wasn’t even expecting anything from this guy. I didn’t even know he knew my birthday. Imagine that. If you tell someone that you were going to do something for them and found out that you couldn’t, just tell the person and apologise. What I want to know is how long he is going to keep avoiding me. People can be funny.

At a nail studio yesterday, I saw a lady paint her toenails different colours. She was light skinned and it looked so beautiful on her. But I know that I am not that daring. I would probably wear work shoes till I change the nail polish. Has any of you tried that?

Have yourselves a great weekend.

Lily Johnson

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

At random....

I didn’t know how annoying what I am about to tell you was until yesterday. I was coming back from work exhausted. It had rained and because I was on the road, I wasn’t exactly dry. I was in a stuffy bus as usual and because it had rained, the fare was doubled. (Sigh). I was having a mad headache and still had a lot to think about; e mails, clients, phone calls, transactions....

Then the man beside me decided at that moment in my life to whip out carrots and began to chew on them like Bugs Bunny. Now people, carrots are a good source of Vitamin A and carotene. I eat them too and who am I to try to stop a brother from getting his Vitamin A? But trust me if you were in my situation, you would have wanted to take them carrots off his hands and hurl them out of the window. Crunch crunch crunch and talking loudly in between telling the driver not to drive so fast. Crunch crunch crunch endlessly looking for things inside his pockets and making me more uncomfortable. Crunch crunch crunch as he talked to the man at the other end and had to bring his crunching mouth closer to my aching head. I hadn’t ever thought that I would need someone to stop eating carrots before. I actually needed him to stop. But how do I tell him? I didn’t have anything against him and like I said I love carrots but my life would have been much better without that sound at that point in time.

Fashion, fashion... Beyonce wore an Emilio Pucci dress to the Costume Institute Gala in New York and girlfriend could barely move a leg! Yes, sometimes we do one or two things for fashion but I thought it was just too much. I saw a lady about three days ago wearing very high heels that wasn’t even comfortable and you could see that she was struggling to walk without twisting her ankle. Her skirt suit was short and she was self conscious. It was the laughter of some jobless and naughty young men that made me notice her. She would have been more comfortable and confident in moderate heels.

Weew! This can't be easy to pull off.

Have yourselves a great week.

Lily Johnson

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