Wednesday, May 4, 2011

At random....

I didn’t know how annoying what I am about to tell you was until yesterday. I was coming back from work exhausted. It had rained and because I was on the road, I wasn’t exactly dry. I was in a stuffy bus as usual and because it had rained, the fare was doubled. (Sigh). I was having a mad headache and still had a lot to think about; e mails, clients, phone calls, transactions....

Then the man beside me decided at that moment in my life to whip out carrots and began to chew on them like Bugs Bunny. Now people, carrots are a good source of Vitamin A and carotene. I eat them too and who am I to try to stop a brother from getting his Vitamin A? But trust me if you were in my situation, you would have wanted to take them carrots off his hands and hurl them out of the window. Crunch crunch crunch and talking loudly in between telling the driver not to drive so fast. Crunch crunch crunch endlessly looking for things inside his pockets and making me more uncomfortable. Crunch crunch crunch as he talked to the man at the other end and had to bring his crunching mouth closer to my aching head. I hadn’t ever thought that I would need someone to stop eating carrots before. I actually needed him to stop. But how do I tell him? I didn’t have anything against him and like I said I love carrots but my life would have been much better without that sound at that point in time.

Fashion, fashion... Beyonce wore an Emilio Pucci dress to the Costume Institute Gala in New York and girlfriend could barely move a leg! Yes, sometimes we do one or two things for fashion but I thought it was just too much. I saw a lady about three days ago wearing very high heels that wasn’t even comfortable and you could see that she was struggling to walk without twisting her ankle. Her skirt suit was short and she was self conscious. It was the laughter of some jobless and naughty young men that made me notice her. She would have been more comfortable and confident in moderate heels.

Weew! This can't be easy to pull off.

Have yourselves a great week.

Lily Johnson

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  1. I can just imagine the crucnhy situation. Hugs dear. I cant imagine it. The one I do hate is eating of eggs in public transportation. yuck!
    Everybody goes thru some pains for fashion. perfectly normal behavior ;)

  2. I think eating and drinking (and of course smoking) should be outlawed on public transit.

    Beyonce's gown was ridiculous. It's like having a tight band surrounding your knees and how on earth do you walk like that. Her climb up the stairs was embarrassing. What a knucklehead choice!!!

    Hah! It was kind of funny though. Reminded me of the time my thigh high stockings lost the elastic on top. Walking with a stocking falling down looks pretty funny too.

  3. Crunchy carrots with a headache. Tough.

  4. beyonce is a cow, so is the carrot man. pele

  5. I know I shouldn't but your description of the carrot cruncher had me laughing so much! LOL... Pele o, hope your headache is gone now?

  6. That dress is hidious! Just like the carrot cruncher!

  7. @Ginger: Thanks dear. I needed that. I hate people eating boiled eggs in public transportation. After a while, the air stops feeling right. Yes fashion does make us do some weird things.

    @Linda: Eating and drinking on public transportation aint right but some people don't really have a choice. Beyonce's dress was just really uncomfortable. She is a gorgeous woman. She doesnt need to try that hard. Lol at your sockings.

    @Okeoghene: Really, it was. I thought my head was going to explode.

  8. @Omalicha: Lolz. She made a mistake with that dress though. Thanks.

    @Myne: You are free to laugh jare. I did laugh about it later on. The headache is gone. Thanks.

    @Noe Noe: Don't even know if i can say the dress is beautiful. The carrot cruncher, weird guy really.

  9. Eating and Drinking is actually against the law in say NYC, however, I'd like to see that being implemented in the Naija public transit system. That will be the day chickens will grow teeth. Sorry about the situation. I am sure it ws sort of tough. Cos I can imagine that if it were me, I wouldnt be able to bring myself to say "Oga sir, abeg, u fit stop to dey chop that carrot? e dey intensify my hedache, abeg".....

  10. @HoneyDame: Wow! Really? Cannot work here at all. My dear, i didn't know how to even tell him sef. I had to endure.

  11. LMAO i can imagine...arrggghh this happens to me maybe someone chewing gum loudly close to my ears...well for beyonce that dress is gorg but she shouldn't have cos i'm sure she tried it before leaving

  12. That was funny...bugs bunny had me laughing out loud, hehe.

  13. Lol!!!The Bugs situation got me well cracked up!!!N Beyonce!I'm googling online videos for that event right now!I wanna see how she managed locomotion in that attire!!!

  14. Wetin person no go see for public buses?'s enough to write a book on!

    Fashion! fashion! fashion! clothes ought to be comfortable. I laughed as her hubby and another helped her up the stairs! R-E-A-L-L-Y??? i muttered!

  15. it is amazing what common noises become so horrible when we have headaches...

    I wish i could wear a dress like that... even if i couldn't walk and just had to stand there.

  16. @NikkiSho: Trust me, it wasn't easy to deal with. I would have even managed gum in that situation. Carrots, argh.

    @blogoratti: The guy chewed on it like Bugs Bunny. It was crazy.

    @T.Notes: Yes, it was funny sha. Hope you've seen the vids. Girlfriend needed to support of her hubby and some other guy to walk!

  17. @Ibhade: My sister, plenty things o! Some of them would almost drive you crazy. I laughed a bit too. Jay Z would be like WTF in his mind.

    @CountessLaurie: You have a point. The crunching made it worse though. Her dress is fine but very uncomfy

  18. Lol at the carrot story! I can imagine how annoying it must have been. And for Beyonce, my folks (idoma) have this saying - Beauty is Pain (translated), so there. Watching her walk was good entertainment though lol



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