Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent happenings....

My only surviving grandparent, my paternal grandmother died early yesterday morning. Very sad day for me and my family especially my dad. She was barely seventy. She was fun; had an enviable sense of humour. She just woke up that morning, came out of the house to greet the neighbours, told her house help to get some medication for her at a nearby chemist, went into her room and slept.....May her gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.

Have you ever wondered why some people would make promises and when they can’t fulfil them, they run? This childhood friend of mine called me up a few days to my birthday and told me he was going to get me a surprise gift. He made me give him all the necessary information to mail the package. He was talking like the gift was something big. My birthday came and went and after about ten days without hearing from him, I called his mobile. It rang and he didn’t pick the call. I was just calling to check up on him but of course, he was avoiding me. I wasn’t even expecting anything from this guy. I didn’t even know he knew my birthday. Imagine that. If you tell someone that you were going to do something for them and found out that you couldn’t, just tell the person and apologise. What I want to know is how long he is going to keep avoiding me. People can be funny.

At a nail studio yesterday, I saw a lady paint her toenails different colours. She was light skinned and it looked so beautiful on her. But I know that I am not that daring. I would probably wear work shoes till I change the nail polish. Has any of you tried that?

Have yourselves a great weekend.

Lily Johnson


  1. awww...may her soul rest in peace. I just wrote in my blog today about how that is the best way to get old, and just go to sleep. Not in a n accident, in a fire or something horrible. Im sure she lived a fulfilled life. As for that dude, there are sooo many like him, all talk and no show! lol. I once ainted my toenails and fingernails like a rainbow and im was lovely! Try it!

  2. Awww, sorry bout ur loss. I also lost my Gramps Dec last year (only grandparent left) n i miss him so. May she rest in peace.

    About that your friend.....smh. Some peeps just make promises in the heat of the moment....same thing happened to me on my birthday. Till date, I am yet to see my gift.

    I think the most daring i av been with my nails was when i did Zebra crossing Nail Art. I liked it, sadly, mom didn't so I took it off.Your comfort is the clause. If u would like it, why not?

    Av an awesome weekend!

  3. may God comfort you and your family..RIP to her.
    i have never tried the rainbow although i use some really loud colors at times...try it :D

  4. Sorry to hear about your loss Lily. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

    Don't mind the promise and fail friend:). Like you said, how long will he avoid you?

    Dot think I can do the multi-color thing. Like you, its easier to admire in other people.

  5. I am sorry to hear about your gran,Ilost mine in 2008 and still havent not gotten over it.

    May her soul RIP!


  6. @Sisi Yemmie: Yes. Thats the best way to die. The guy is not a serious fellow at all. I would try it when i am courageous enough. Thanks.

    @Omoregee: Dont know why some people are cowardly like that. Zebra crossing?! That was bold! Thanks a lot and sorry about ut grand dad.

    @NikkiSho: Thanks dear. I love bold colours too. I just found out though. I have this loud shade of lemon on my toes now.

  7. @Ginger: Thanks dear. I just wonder why he called me up to say anything in the first place. He shouldnt have said anything. You should have seen how pretty it looked on this woman.

    @ MenaUkodoisReady: Thanks. It is a great loss. I still cant believe it.

  8. May the soul of your Gram rest in peace. Amen

  9. Oh Darling Lily, I am so sorry that you lost your beloved Grandmere. My most sincere condolences to your family for this sad loss. I know she is resting in peace and knowing she was greatly loved.

    I just got my pedicure this afternoon. Only one color for these toes and it's red! I saw a lady in November getting her toenails done orange and black for Halloween. Ugh! xxooxx

  10. My condolences to you and your family, and and your granny rest in peace.

  11. So sorry about your grandmother. God be with you guys!

    Yeah, why do people say what they don't mean right? Maybe he intended to do something but he couldn't and he's ashamed or something


  12. Lily,
    I am very sorry about your loss. May she sing with the angels (if she wants... if not, may she rest on a cloud enjoying the leisure.)

    I would totally paint my toes different colors... but I tend to be outrageous.

    I know a person like your friend. It's ridiculous really.

    Hope you have a better week!!

  13. @Okeoghene: Thanks a lot.

    @Linda: Thanks Ma! Orange and black? Wow! She is something.

    @Myne: Thank you so much.

  14. @TheCornerShop: Thanks a lot. Yeah, maybe he is but for how long would he continue to avoid me? Thats the question.

    @CountessLaurie: Thank you dear. I know the colours would look divine on you. Yes, it is indeed ridiculous.

  15. eeyah, RIP may her soul rest in peace

  16. Lily sorry about Mama's passing. May God rest her soul in peace...... Childhood or no childhood, some people just can't be trusted girlfriend! Be careful who you take serious next time. O.K?

  17. May her soul rest in perfect peace, really sorry to hear that...May God comfort your family at this time.

    Concerning the nail polish stuff, sounds dramatic, can't imagine doing it on different nails but it would be

  18. Lily so sorry for you loss. Peace be with you my friend.

  19. @ChizyK: Thanks dear

    @Dara: Thanks hon. Yes oo. I will.

    @Yankeenaijababe: Thanks. It is dramatic and for the bold i guess.

    @NoeNoe: Thanks darling.

  20. aww may her soul rest in perfect peace.

    And as for your friend...i find that behavior super annoying myself.


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