Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Normal people??

It is funny how some people live their lives believing that their stupidity is going to affect the people around them and make them really lose their cool. It is just plain funny to me when you meet a person in a public place and for one misunderstanding or a little mistake; the person just goes ‘gaga’.

A friend of mine was on her way to the market and because a lot was on her mind, she mistakenly stepped on this lady’s toes. She turned back and was in the middle of saying sorry when this lady exploded! She called her all sorts of names and actually created a little scene. My friend just looked at her and told her that she had already started apologising before but she wasn’t going to go through with it and was on her way like nothing happened. This lady began to follow her, abusing her and stuff. She wasn’t like insane or anything because she looked and acted completely normal if you know what I mean. She made sure she was like a few steps behind my friend and kept making crazy remarks. My friend turned and told her to get off her back and get a life and that was when she really lost it! She started calling people to come see that my friend had gone mad! My friend just kept walking until she stopped following her.

I was in a bus one day and just because I told a man to sit well so I could sit well too, he just hissed and started talking about young people not having respect anymore! You would think he would stop at that. No! He went on and on talking about how fashion and music have destroyed the basic morals of young people. This man wasn’t exactly a grandpa! I just sat there and wondered what I had said to get that kind of embarrassment in a bus packed with people.

                                     Seriously why would anyone want to do this??

One man gave a bus conductor a 50 naira note that was torn in several places and when the conductor complained instead of him to say the normal thing we say (Use it at the fuel station), he just started calling the poor man names. He called him illiterate and ignorant. I was just shaking my head throughout that short trip. The man that claimed to be well travelled and well read kept making grammatical blunders that were deafening. The nerve on some people!

I have also seen responsible people being dragged into a fight with this kind of people. A lady I know got into a war of words with one foul mouthed young lady after she had answered her boyfriend’s call. The chick just started making remarks that the lady was showing off and wanted to let people know that she had a boyfriend. Then the lady lost and the war of words began.
I don’t know why some people choose to take out their frustration on other people. And I have always believed that the best way to deal with these people is to completely ignore them. Talking back may not be a good idea as they might just ruin your day for you with their nonsense. Don’t even think about to it, just zone out. They are not even worth the trouble.

Glide through your day and shut out negative people.

Lily Johnson.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!

Valentine's day is here again! Remember, my dear people that it is all about love and sharing it. So give something to someone special and also to someone who doesn't have much.
Last year, I said something about making your own cards. I am all about little things that mean a lot when there is love and mutual respect between a couple.

How about writing him or her a love letter? I think love letters are romantic even though it seems nobody does that anymore. Get a paper and write something that best describes how you feel about the person. If you don't know how or don't have the time, go online and search for a good love poem and write it in your own words using it as a guide because if it is too fancy, your loved one would know just where you got it from.

And do every other thing than you guys normally do and maybe even something new! Check out new places, discover new things about each other and laugh at each other's mistakes and eff ups.

Hold hands, kiss whenever you get the chance to and remind him or her that he/she is loved and cherished.

Happy Valentine's day to y'all. I love you guys.

Lily Johnson

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I love perfumes. I tell anyone who cares to listen how I adore a good fragrance. I assume everyone does anyway. My romance with Channel No 5 has been as passionate as it has been pocket unfriendly. Someone just gave me a bottle of Lolita Lempicka. I think I like it. I haven’t used it long enough to decide if I love it. I love the bottle though.  I don’t like perfumes that smell too sweet or have vanilla notes that are just too much or smell too strong.

I think it is awesome when people just tell you how good you smell. There is something about it that boosts your confidence.  A dab of perfume on the neck area and on the wrists is just enough to keep you smelling and feeling terrific all day.
Unfortunately, some people just practically ‘bathe’ in perfume and have a cloud around them that does nothing but suffocate everyone else.

On my way to work one day, a woman entered the bus I was in and with her came an over-powering smell that made everyone uncomfortable. I could have sworn I heard an elderly woman in the bus praying that she should get down at the next bus stop. The perfume didn’t even smell nice at all.
I’d once choked and almost hyperventilated when a man came to stand beside me at a bus stop. The awful smelling fragrance he loaded on his coat was strangely forcing itself down my throat. I moved away from him but it seemed like it was following me about. The man just kept on starring at me. I was tempted to tell him to throw his perfume away because it smelt terrible! Maybe he used too much and it just didn't mix well with the smell of sweat.

Someone told me that just because you can't perceive the fragrance doesn’t mean it is not there and in fact, most of the time you wouldn’t! We all are guilty of this kind of over indulgence once in a while. I must have done that with the first bottle of Chanel that I got. Maybe the second one too.  Jeez!

Do tell me that perfume you absolutely adore.

Take care people!

Lily Johnson.
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