Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Normal people??

It is funny how some people live their lives believing that their stupidity is going to affect the people around them and make them really lose their cool. It is just plain funny to me when you meet a person in a public place and for one misunderstanding or a little mistake; the person just goes ‘gaga’.

A friend of mine was on her way to the market and because a lot was on her mind, she mistakenly stepped on this lady’s toes. She turned back and was in the middle of saying sorry when this lady exploded! She called her all sorts of names and actually created a little scene. My friend just looked at her and told her that she had already started apologising before but she wasn’t going to go through with it and was on her way like nothing happened. This lady began to follow her, abusing her and stuff. She wasn’t like insane or anything because she looked and acted completely normal if you know what I mean. She made sure she was like a few steps behind my friend and kept making crazy remarks. My friend turned and told her to get off her back and get a life and that was when she really lost it! She started calling people to come see that my friend had gone mad! My friend just kept walking until she stopped following her.

I was in a bus one day and just because I told a man to sit well so I could sit well too, he just hissed and started talking about young people not having respect anymore! You would think he would stop at that. No! He went on and on talking about how fashion and music have destroyed the basic morals of young people. This man wasn’t exactly a grandpa! I just sat there and wondered what I had said to get that kind of embarrassment in a bus packed with people.

                                     Seriously why would anyone want to do this??

One man gave a bus conductor a 50 naira note that was torn in several places and when the conductor complained instead of him to say the normal thing we say (Use it at the fuel station), he just started calling the poor man names. He called him illiterate and ignorant. I was just shaking my head throughout that short trip. The man that claimed to be well travelled and well read kept making grammatical blunders that were deafening. The nerve on some people!

I have also seen responsible people being dragged into a fight with this kind of people. A lady I know got into a war of words with one foul mouthed young lady after she had answered her boyfriend’s call. The chick just started making remarks that the lady was showing off and wanted to let people know that she had a boyfriend. Then the lady lost and the war of words began.
I don’t know why some people choose to take out their frustration on other people. And I have always believed that the best way to deal with these people is to completely ignore them. Talking back may not be a good idea as they might just ruin your day for you with their nonsense. Don’t even think about to it, just zone out. They are not even worth the trouble.

Glide through your day and shut out negative people.

Lily Johnson.


  1. lmao LilyJ. That video is priceless. That black lady had it coming. I almost wished the Asian lady was a black belter. Mean people are the same everywhere but your advice is on point. Ignore. Ignore.
    I have had some nasty experiences in Lagos transports. We really need to get you a car asap!

  2. lmao at all the stories
    peoples frustrations these days is frightening
    na wa o
    that woman at the words

    I think ignoring them is the right thing to do too

  3. Shutting out negative people is the only way to survive in society nowadays! :/

  4. some people just have temporary insanity.
    sumtymz shutting them out may not be enough..putting them in their place is much better :p

  5. Where do I even start on this topic. I have really lost my cool and I have encountered some offensive people who are worse than rotten dead bodies. Smh

  6. I'm sure people are just reacting to their own stresses, but creating a scene is absolute nonsense. Ignoring them is really all you can do, (and praying that they go away!).

  7. @Ginger: The video was just crazy. What was the black woman thinking? The Asian woman really beat her and she deserved it for hitting her first. Lol at getting me a car and Amen to that. Thanks dear.

    @Anon: It is crazy i tell you. Imagine someone taking out his frustration out on you in a public place. Ignore! ignore!

    @CafeFashionista: You are so right my dear. You just have to shut them out.

  8. @kittykat: Yeah, sometimes you could react but trust me you wouldn't want to continue with some of these people i.e the woman in the market.

    @Mamuje: I totally understand. Lol at 'some offensive people who are worse than rotten dead bodies. Smh'

    @Linda: Some of these people make movies not just a scene. Lol. Everyone acts weird once in a while but it mustn't be taken act on people that terribly.

  9. daaaaaaannnnggg...I ride the bus and I see this type of thing happens all the time. Like seriously!

  10. Interesting stories...sometimes i keep quiet, sometimes i let them have it! Like a case of a young boy returning from school, & playfully stepped on a woman's toe,the woman began harassing this poor child who was stupefied with the display of her anger. I quickly stepped in & apologize to the woman,petted the boy & then hissed & muttered if she was not a mother! I mean, the way some people react baffles me. Many times, people had banged into me or pushed me mistakenly, i simply walk on becox i know how lagos is.

    Also, bus conductors & passengers do harass plus-size people, many atimes i ignore them, but on wenesday last week, i had it out with one driver & his conductor that a man supported me. The woman with a baby refused to shift inside from the extreme end, but wants a passenger to pass her & come to sit inside. The petite gal refused & was about walking away when she was called to the front seat. The driver & conductor who didn't know this started that their usual talk..i talked to them back, & a man joined me,before they kept quiet.

    some people nah yanga dey worry them, some depression, frustration, some 'feel too big'.. it all depends on the situation, that determines my reaction..but as you say; SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

  11. @EverydayMakeupBlog: Some people are just plain crazy. I just don't get it. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Ibhade: Lagos na wa! I have seen them harrass plus sized people too. You can imagine that woman tongue lashing the 'omo olomo' and for what?. It is just crazy.

  12. i just ignore people like that and shake my head...

  13. I call them drama queens, moving around looking for trouble. OMG! Your friend's situation is not shocking to me knowing I have experienced quite a few myself..People will never change!!!

  14. @NikkiSho: That's just the best thing to do. You just can't join the person in the madness.

    @CoutureCarrie: Thanks Carrie dear,

    @Yankeenaijababe: They are indeed drama queens. The woman in the market....sad.

  15. wht can i say ...i MISS naija...

  16. @lani: Come home then my brother. Lol

  17. The black woman just started what she could not finish...the chinko woman is one hell of a fighter.

    As for the market woman, that one is frustrated already.

    One can do not but ignore people like this.

  18. That is insane!! As if that lady went crazy like that...some people are just flying off the handle! That Chinatown bus fight is wild!

  19. You definitely hit the nail on the head when you said we should ignore them...we do not know what someone is going through or what they faced on waking up in the morning...they can spoil your day and week if you just answer them...

  20. so true, never waste your time trying to pay attention to people who just want to release their furstration on you. About the old lady story, that happens naturally on the street if someone steps on another person's leg. (most people are just agressive for no reason). But it is best not to answer them. Just say sorry and move on.

  21. That's the best oh! Your friend had it right. The best way to deal with these temporarily insane people is to ignore them. I guess some people are just frustrated. Still, it's no excuse :(


  22. LMAO! I'm sorry but that video made me laugh. but good advice Lily. Truth is most of these pple appear normal but hv loose screws in their head and unless u r sure u r ready to get down & dirty with them, its best to ignore but sometimes it's jst hard to.
    We are all humans and can only take so much.

  23. OMG, that has happened to me before and the lady drew blood... I kid you not.

    I was walking past my house when I brushed past this macho(muscled) looking lady. I turned, said sorry and kept walking. She ran after me and grabbed me so hard she broke my necklace and tore the skin on neck.

    I remember whispering my brother's name and was quite suprised to see him jump over the fence to come to my aid. That was what saved me. Mad people full ground.

    That black woman totally underestimated her opponent.

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  25. lol.. very funny video, i pity that black woman, its like she hasn't experienced chinco people. some people just like to b noticed in my opinion
    Anyway check out my blog

  26. More often than not, I think these people have had it coming and need a channel to vent out their frustration which I refuse to be a party to.

    I have adopted a "siddon look" approach to such cases.

  27. So true. Thanks for sharing the write up and drop by me too when you have time.


  28. Nice topic

    Well some people have mental problems and seek who take their frustrations out on. Ignore them completely.


    someone needs serious advice-->


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