Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dear woman: Your man wants you to seduce him like right now.

When you wear a beautiful dress or lingerie or a nice new perfume and your man looks at you and smiles, pays you a compliment or kisses you or the three mentioned [Imagine the bliss of having all three], what does that tell you? He liked what he saw and probably would like to see more of that. He would like to be ‘treated’ to that more often. Now you might have worn the dress out of necessity or bought that lingerie because you wanted to give yourself a treat which means you didn’t even mean to get his attention. But you did. Imagine if you did that just to please him and doing it for him from time to time. In our busy schedules as wives and partners, we just let everything work like clockwork. If it aint broken don’t fix it yeah? But women tend to jump to say their men just stopped being romantic. Just the way you want to be ‘wooed’, the way you want him to know what you want and do it the way you want it, your man wants to be seduced. Maybe he has told you this, maybe he hasn’t, maybe he thinks he has but really hasn’t or maybe he believes you would figure that out yourself.

Imagine this: You were at your vanity table applying your night cream and thinking about a whole lot of things [as we normally do] Junior needed a new school bag, your hair needed to deep conditioned, the client you were meeting the next morning is a tough cookie, you just had to cook a big pot of soup to save cost, why on earth wouldn’t pimples just go back to hell where they came from? And your man who was on the bed looking at you the whole time just says ‘Baby, come right here and seduce me’

You might be thinking [and laughing] right now saying ‘No, that can’t happen to me. What!? Or you might just start laughing at the crazy randomness of the whole thing and say to him ‘You can’t be serious’ or well, you could be shocked. One thing is that you would really wonder how you are supposed to seduce him that is if you are not one of those women that have no problem with that issue.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dear woman: Have you heard about Royal Jelly?

Some of us may have heard about Royal Jelly and used it. However, there are some people who haven’t. Royal jelly is a milky-white secretion produced by glands of worker honeybees to induce the superior growth and development of the queen bee. Royal jelly is the principal food of the honeybee queen. This substance is believed to be the reason the queen bee lives a long life and is so fertile it lays over 2000 eggs per day.

Royal Jelly is also believed to be of benefit to humans especially women. Listed below are some of them.
  • Aids in cell regeneration, has great benefits for the skin and reduces the effects of ageing.
  • Improves the skin texture and clarity.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Useful in the prevention and the management of liver and kidney disease.
  • Very vital for fertility.
  • A mild aphrodisiac.
  • Helps to combat stress and its effects.
  • It contains Vitamin A, B complex, C, D and E.
  • Enhances metabolism and eliminates fatigue.
  • Useful in breast health. 
  • Especially useful to menopausal women

It does sound too good to be true but people who have been on Royal Jelly for months would tell you that most if not all of it is really true. It contains all the eight essential amino acids and ten secondary amino acids which is why it is dubbed ‘the complete food’.

Remember, to look good, you have to take care of the ‘inside’ just as you take care of the ‘outside’. If you go through the list of benefits again, you would see why every woman should think about having it in her cabinet.

Read more about Royal Jelly here

Keep looking beautiful and have a fabulous weekend.

Lily Johnson

**There would be a seminar on Makeup application, Facials, Weight loss tips, Cancer prevention and much more tomorrow Sunday 23rd September by 2:30pm at Eagle hall 21/23 Aromire Avenue off Allen Junction, Ikeja, Lagos.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another ‘Rockefeller’ guy

The world is crawling with people with different personalities. You get to meet people you can’t help but love, appreciate and care about and people you keep wondering what on earth happened to them and made them became who they are.

When I watched the movie Who is Clarke Rockefeller? which was based on a true story, I wondered how anyone alive would not only be that disillusioned but also deceive a highly intelligent woman into believing all his lies about being a Rockefeller and married her. Racking up bills on the woman’s account to pay for a lifestyle that he couldn’t afford. A lifestyle, I believe had always been his dream.

People, Rockefeller guys are still very much in existence and on the prowl. Someone I know got scammed by one. Okay, maybe he didn’t say he was a Rockefeller, but he did appear to be a well to do guy who was highly connected; who had people in high places. He had ‘family members’ who were big names in the society. He deceived a number of people and collected money from them and was living really large. He lived in hotels and ate in choice restaurants with the money of these people. Just like the guy in the movie, he is charming and could talk his way into and out of anything. He made you trust him and believe him because his stories appeared real. If he said he would get you a visa, you would believe him because he probably had people there. If he told you he would get you on any international record label, you would probably believe that too because of the connections he ‘had’. 

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