Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A child that looks like you might not necessarily be yours?? Fate plays a cruel game. DNA says it as it is.

I was just telling a friend that fate sometimes just plays weird games with people’s lives. Actually, I say this all the time sometimes as a joke but sometimes, I believe I mean it judging by stuffs that happen sometimes.

This man [let’s call him Mark shall we?] had dated this lady [errr... Mandy] for a while and they broke up. More than a year later, she turned up with a 10 months old baby boy that somewhat looked like the man and told him she didn’t want to tell him that she was pregnant because he had made it clear to her that he wasn’t in the relationship for marriage. In fact, if you knew the man, and you saw the child, you would be convinced it was his. To even make it more convincing, the boy was born with a mole slightly above his left eye and the man’s second son [he is separated from his wife] had a mole there too when he was born. The man didn’t tell anyone this but somehow just believed the boy was his.

Now here is where the problem lies. Mark already has four kids from his marriage and never ‘played without ‘protection’. So even when Mandy turned up with a child that looked a lot like him, he accepted the child but wondered how it happened. Did she harvest his sperm? He was sure that was what she did but why would a woman of her status do that? And you know it means she took a used condom and what? Very very strange isn’t it? Or did she quickly rush to a hospital..... What would that make her? Was she that desperate? Bottom line, it just didn’t make sense. And this drove Mark insane. What was her response when he asked her? ‘Look at that boy and tell me he is not your son’. She refused to talk about it all. So he decided to take the paternity test. Just to be sure. Yes the boy looked like him, had a mole that looked like the one his son has but he had dated this lady for a few months and the few times they had sex, he used condoms.


So he told her, he wanted to do a DNA test. Was she against it? Not really. She believed he wouldn’t go through with it. It is a rather expensive test. More than a hundred thousand Naira. Why would he waste such funds? He was already taking care of the child. But Mark wanted a DNA test that would prove to him that he was indeed the boy’s dad. Then he can be sure that his sperm was harvested. And probably form an opinion about women. Someone would hear the story and write a circular informing men to dispose their condoms and stuff and pass it round on Blackberry Messenger and Facebook. *rolling my eyes*

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Natural beauty products Vs Chemical based beauty products. Which do you prefer?

More and more companies are manufacturing products based on plant oils and extracts and using little or no synthetic contents. This is because it’s been made known that all these chemicals used in products eventually find their way to our liver and are capable of doing extensive damage. Some consumers are now very sceptical about using some cosmetics that contain these synthetic elements. Some of these chemicals like Hydroquinone, found in blemish control and skin lightening products have even been banned in some countries.

Now while natural products pose no risk to your health, some of them can take a while to address a skin problem. Why? They first begin to repair the damage done to the skin by chemical based products. At this period, you might feel they are not doing anything for you but the reality is that it would take a while to see results if you have been using any chemical based product before. It also depends on your skin too. On the other hand, most chemical based products work faster. 


And example here is lime juice and Hydroquinone in the treatment of spots caused by acne or pregnancy. The after effect of the use of the latter however might make it rather undesirable although when using lime juice to treat spots, you will have to wait at least 6 weeks to start seeing results depending on the severity of the spots. In most cases with Hydroquinone, you start seeing results in a week.

Natural beauty products or products made with organic materials are often more expensive than chemical based products. Some are affordable but known brands are usually expensive. The companies go the extra mile to get natural materials that might not be readily available to them. Oils like Argan oil which is used in the treatment of wrinkles and Aloe Vera, which has over 300 species but only Aloe Barbadensis Miller and other 3 species can be used to treat skin problems, are expensive and hard to find. Yes, I hate to break it to you but the Aloe Vera plant in your backyard might not be one of the 4 useful species.

Chemical based beauty products tend to disrupt the normal pH level of the skin while most natural products tend to function together at a balance with the skin’s normal pH level. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

At Random

Hello dearies, I haven’t updated this blog in two months. I have been recording songs and doing other things. It hasn’t been easy but God has been faithful. And being an artiste is far from easy. I can tell you that. And I still have quite a way to go. So when you see these popular ones do their thing, they did suffer to make it happen. Spent a lot of money, did a lot of hard work and endured a lot of bull crap.  True story. So to all the upcoming artistes, may God bless your hustle, Amen.

Am I the only one wondering why the only things in the news these days are rape and paedophilia? It’s crazy. Rape in troubled zones and domestic rape. Evil boys rape girls and put the videos online. 


A group of Indian are perfecting an underwear line that is supposed to be rape-proof. I don’t even know how they would do that but hey, it’s worth a try. Some are even talking about reintroducing the chastity belt. That’s how bad the situation is. And these are even reported cases. Most women won’t report cases of rape and we all know why. And the paedophiles running around defiling children? It’s just horrible and I hope all these people are caught, thrown into jail and someone misplaces the keys in the Pacific.


RIP Margaret Thatcher. I grew up knowing her as that woman that showed men that what a man can do a woman can do a whole lot better. I also realized that people didn’t really like her. Many Britons were ranting on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. And I don’t know if telling her ‘Rust in Peace’ was supposed to be funny or just to match with the fact that she was called ‘The Iron Lady’ her whole life. So now that she’s dead, she’s rusting. Hmmmm. I didn’t even know she was that pretty. Really, all I ever saw was unflattering pictures of her. She was a looker. May her soul rest in peace.

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