Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Natural beauty products Vs Chemical based beauty products. Which do you prefer?

More and more companies are manufacturing products based on plant oils and extracts and using little or no synthetic contents. This is because it’s been made known that all these chemicals used in products eventually find their way to our liver and are capable of doing extensive damage. Some consumers are now very sceptical about using some cosmetics that contain these synthetic elements. Some of these chemicals like Hydroquinone, found in blemish control and skin lightening products have even been banned in some countries.

Now while natural products pose no risk to your health, some of them can take a while to address a skin problem. Why? They first begin to repair the damage done to the skin by chemical based products. At this period, you might feel they are not doing anything for you but the reality is that it would take a while to see results if you have been using any chemical based product before. It also depends on your skin too. On the other hand, most chemical based products work faster. 


And example here is lime juice and Hydroquinone in the treatment of spots caused by acne or pregnancy. The after effect of the use of the latter however might make it rather undesirable although when using lime juice to treat spots, you will have to wait at least 6 weeks to start seeing results depending on the severity of the spots. In most cases with Hydroquinone, you start seeing results in a week.

Natural beauty products or products made with organic materials are often more expensive than chemical based products. Some are affordable but known brands are usually expensive. The companies go the extra mile to get natural materials that might not be readily available to them. Oils like Argan oil which is used in the treatment of wrinkles and Aloe Vera, which has over 300 species but only Aloe Barbadensis Miller and other 3 species can be used to treat skin problems, are expensive and hard to find. Yes, I hate to break it to you but the Aloe Vera plant in your backyard might not be one of the 4 useful species.

Chemical based beauty products tend to disrupt the normal pH level of the skin while most natural products tend to function together at a balance with the skin’s normal pH level. 

Let me add here that some people do react badly to natural based beauty products and chemical based products work very well for some people and they do not have any adverse reactions at all from using them. While a lady with dry skin would use Shea butter on her face and it clears her dark spots in a few weeks, a lady with oily/combination skin might find it to give her huge pimples and spots that take ages to clear. 

In seeking beauty, I believe women should look for information and learn while at it. Read the contents of your beauty products, look for advice from skin care specialists, know your skin type and don’t always assume that what worked for someone else would work for you. We all know that this isn’t always the case so you search until you find the one that your skin agrees with. And don’t be impatient. Wait for at least 6 weeks when treating a skin problem with a product before concluding that it isn’t working. 

Your opinions?

Stay beautiful..

Lily Johnson


  1. As Beauty Expert I would like to say there are thousand of beauty care products on the market today. Maybe you millions of product are launched in the market in every week.But Natural beauty products good reviews at this time. More women are turning to natural or organic products because they are safe to use and you do not have to worry about side effects..............

  2. Very Enjoyable! I hope you write more on this subject! I found your website perfect for my needs. Thanks for sharing the great ideas. I hope you write more on this subject!

  3. With all kinds of cancers springing up and inexplicable diseases, natural is the way for me. I've been using pure shear butter for my skin for about 3months and i've never looked better :)

    P.S: I don't know how i miss your updates. I came looking for you because it's been a while only to see you've been updating


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