Monday, May 30, 2011

So what’s in the bag Lily?

I was tagged by Miss Hautness herself, Dith. The deal is to show what’s in my bag. Okay..alright.. let’s go there!

Take a picture of the bag and its contents
Tag as many bloggers as you want.
Mention who tagged you.

Now introducing the bag....
It’s a Luis Vuitton (?). I have had this bag for I think two years.

And the things you would ALWAYS find in it

The pic aint all that, I am sorry. Took it in a hurry with a phone.

A bottle of body mist: A girl’s gotta stay fresh always.

Flash drive: My work is always on the go with me incase I need to show them to someone.

Purse: Now that baby holds a lot! A number of I.D cards, complementary cards, cash, aspirin...

Contact lens cleaning solution: I have been stranded before in a place and had to sleep in my contacts. I woke up in the morning looking like a train wreck. Yes, I have eye issues.

A diary: No I don’t keep a diary. I write addresses, phone numbers, things I don’t want to forget.

Pens: I sometimes have up to six of them in my bag. Lol.

Blackberry/charge & phone: I need them. Who doesn’t?

Visine: I get the redness sometimes so I need it.

Lipgloss: This is my favourite makeup item. I have a number of tubes and I always have at least one in my bag.

Glasses: I use them too.

Compact powder: Incase I need to retouch my makeup.

Now these things are always in my bag. Of course sometimes, I have other stuff like breath mints, the novel I am reading, house keys, a fashion magazine...etc in the bag depending on what is going on.

I tag the following bloggers...

Linda Medrano
Chizy K
Modern African Cuisine

Many people have been tagged already so if you haven't been tagged and you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!

Have yourselves a blessed week

Lily Johnson


  1. Nice tag, love the bag, very pretty and colorful...also the contents too.

  2. Pretty bag! Love the yellow leather trim! Thank you for the shout out, but I could never show what's in my bag! It's way way too messy!

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  6. @Yankeenaijababe: Thanks dear.

    @Linda: Thanks Ma! We are all messy once in a while. Don't let that stop you from showing us the contents of your bag.

    May 31, 2011 10:55 AM

  7. Your bag is pretty Lily. And very minimal contents..good for your shoulder innit? :)

  8. Nice one. Like Ginger says, maybe I need to decongest my bag.

    Now I have to go do this before I forget again..

  9. @Ginger: Yes oo. My bag can be messy sometimes but most of the time, it is like what you see above.

    @Myne: Lol. I do that a lot of times. Papers, recharge cards, biros that aint writing no more...

  10. Cute bag! You would not believe the "crap" in my hang bag!

  11. A beautiful bag like the owner.. and like what i see in it :)

  12. @P.E.T Project. Thanks.

    @Noe Noe Girl: Thanks. We all have that kind of crap sometimes.

    @Ibhade: Thanks IB.

  13. Cute bag, simple contents which is good lol.

    Visine is a life saver, especially after all-nighters during finals week haha

  14. You were contact? Really cool bag :)


  15. @Boma: Yes, Visine is indeed a life saver. Thanks.

    @Adiya: Yes dear, i wear contacts. I am short sighted so i wear glasses and contact lens. Thanks.

  16. nice bag...whats ur address so i can come steal it @ hope ur cool.

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