Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy New month people and some talk about sexual harassment.

May this month bring us love and joy and all things bright and beautiful. February will be good to us all. Just when I thought January had refused to go, February came and I’m like ‘Wow, we are in the second month already? Lol


Anyway, a lady told me this story. She was in a bus and a guy came in to sit next to her. He began to chat with her, asked her where she was going and all that stuff. She answered politely. Then as the normal Lagos bus can be, he had to ‘shift’ so people can sit beside them. But what this guy did was more than adjust. He put his hand behind her head and another hand was almost touching her boobs. His perfect excuse was the stuffy bus. He was practically feeling on her. She was confused as at what to do because she felt she couldn’t ask him to adjust back because the lady sitting at the end wasn’t even sitting well. She endured this throughout the journey and the guy was even chatty and made it seem like ‘they were together’. 

 He got down at the same bus stop she did after asking her to grab lunch with him. She fled of course. Lol. She was wondering if she should have told him off. Then I told her a story of my own. 

Dude... Source

Some years back when I was still working as a columnist/many other things including advert executive at a now closed down Lagos news paper, I was on my way to work when this guy came in to sit beside me. I had my bag on my laps and my mind on the very hectic day I was about to have when I felt a hand on my thighs under my bag. At first, I wasn’t sure what was going on, when I try to look, the hand will disappear, I will look at the guy and his face would betray nothing. Then he became bolder and actually left his hand there and ‘doing things’. So I said in a low voice but also in the most threatening way I could; ‘If you don’t take your hand off my thighs, I’ll scream and make the boys in this bus beat you up. In fact, I’ll call you a ritualist. He was shocked beyond words for a while and begged me to forgive him for the rest of the journey. I found out he was actually very educated and had a good job and had no business doing such rubbish. And said he didn’t know what came over him. So my advice was next time, talk hard!

Have a fabulous month and stay beautiful!

Lily Johnson


  1. ya talking hard is d best way... some guys are pervs... :/

  2. Awon perverts. I don't know why people do thatg

  3. I've always jokingly said that the Y-chromosome was just a jacked up X and the missing piece contained all common sense and rational thought....but now i think there really is something to that ideology.

    They don't teach "how not to be a perv/rapist/@$$hat in school so there are just as many educated lecherous men out there as there are illiterate ones. Unfortunately.

    1. Loool. No they don't teach that. I was shocked this guy was very educated. Like wow.

  4. Bloody perverts everywhere.
    I remember coming back from a salon one day, the salon was close to my house so I was walking home when suddenly it started raining, I was a little wet and I decided to wait in a shelter, some guy and his friends joined me. Out of nowhere this fool grabbed my non existent butt and even wanted to beat me on top. I didn't even understand what was going on I was really young then, I was so scared. I told my mum about it when I got home.

  5. Omg! That is just horrible. Perverts everywhere, it's just crazy.

  6. perverts everywhere you turn, sadly education does not erase this screwed up part in our is just sad.


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