Friday, February 15, 2013

Rest in peace Susan Goldie Harvey

I woke up around 2am this morning to hear that Goldie had passed on. I couldn’t believe it so I switched off my phone and went back to sleep believing it was just another rumor.

But it wasn’t after all.

I didn’t personally know Susan Harvey but the few people I know who were close to her say very good things about the singer especially that she was generous to a fault and kind too.

Her song ‘Don’t touch my body’ is still a favorite of mine. I like all the daring things she did in her music videos and with her style. Goldie made you look and look. That was one of her strongest points as a performer.


Her death came as a shock to me and I wondered how it was possible for someone I had seen her pictures with some artistes at the just concluded Grammy Awards would wind up dead all of a sudden. I heard they found out what took her from us. Heaven only knows. 

Rest in the bosom of the Lord Suzie. You left your mark in this crazy world and your close pals who know the real Susan Harvey and the rest of us who admire the drama you brought into all you did would miss you dearly. 

May God keep us and our loved ones safe...

Lily Johnson
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  1. May her soul rest in peace. I heard about it yesterday. Was quite shocked. Young girl like that. Sad.

  2. Recently heard about this, it's sad when a young person passes on

  3. So sad, I love er so much, RIP


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