Friday, February 22, 2013

When the man is a drama queen.

Men often see women as the ones that nag and cause unnecessary drama and they are the calm and collected ones who need a break from all our troubles. Hmmm....

I saw him when he walked into the packed super market and believed he would behave because the place was packed. It was a Friday.

I was about to call on him but he made eye contact with me and began to walk towards me. Then it began...


Seriously Mabel? Do you think it’s easy to drive down from the office to this place? He shouted at me, The traffic. The stress. The crazy people that were in the damned traffic. All this just to come give you the house keys? Why do you keep losing your keys by the way? Human beings don’t lose their house keys the way you do. How did you lose the keys again Mabel? How does a woman lose her keys in her parents’ place and had to call her husband to come from work to come give her his own set of keys?................ 

All I wanted was for the ground to open and swallow me up. Stares from people and the supermarket security walking up to us and all. He hasn’t ever hit me before. He just creates scenes when he is pissed that’s all. Most times, we would be laughing about it minutes later.

I can’t say I am comfortable with a guy who screams at me in public. He would be the only one laughing after that scene. But then that is just me.

So if he starts some drama in public and gets you guys noticed by people, he is a drama queen. Not king. I don’t know but there is no such phrase as drama king so I would stick to what I know. LOL.

What do you guys think?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lily Johnson

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