Friday, April 8, 2011

Sights, sounds and the bus!

I just want to talk about some things I saw during the weeks of going to work and preparing for my examinations. All of them got me wondering...

1. I saw a road side food vendor slice an onion, WASHED THE THIN SLICES before she put it in a pot of palm oil. I have never seen this done before in my life! I wash my onions, slice it then use it. I literally stared. I was in a bus and had little to do so I just watched her cut more onions and washed in a bowl of water before adding to her cooking. Ha!

2. A lady approached a man at the bus stop where I stood waiting for a bus or a bike. I noticed she had green eye shadow on one eye and blue on the other. Just looked again to check. Yep! That was what I saw. Don’t know if it’s a trend because I have been living in Books Ville for more than a month. Looked weird. And the lady was wearing a bright yellow blouse. Hmm!

3. A man selling ice cream beside a bus I was in got pissed because no one bought anything from him in the bus and began to insult everyone in the bus. No one answered him. He was talking to a bunch of tired people who couldn’t wait to get home, have their bath and rest. My head was buried in a book but I did give him a stare once in a while. Msheww!

4. A guy in a bus with a bag and really cool magazines, wearing a faux fur coat in the fiercely sunny weather, suddenly turned and asked me to ‘flash’ a number. I was going home after a crazy week of grilling exams. I asked ‘What number?’

He said ‘Can I write the number down for you?’


‘Because I don’t have a phone with me’

‘How is that supposed to be my business?’

He just turned and shut up. In a bus full of people, he should have thought of a smoother move. And he was sitting right in front of me and got about 15 people starring at us and listening with interest. What on earth was he thinking!?

On another note, for some reason I am yet to understand, I’ve been listening to David Grey’s ‘Babylon’ several times a day. I just love the opening strings. I love the song but listening to it ten times a day!?

I wrote this down in a memo on my phone about three weeks ago. I believe ‘Babylon’ has been replaced by ‘Telephone’ by Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

It’s good to be back!

Lily Johnson.


  1. Its amazing how many interesting stuff we see when we observe stuff lol. Na wa for some guys sha oh


  2. I once went to work with one black shoe and one Navy blue shoe but that's because I left very early in the morning before it was fully light. Maybe the lady with the blue eye shadow on one eye and green on the other had the same excuse!

  3. lmao,lily these things are so funny.that guy

  4. The colorful woman? Linda has got the best suggestion. Or she just loves colors. I have an Aunty like that!
    Dip onions in water before frying...hmmm. maybe to stop them browning early? Interesting notion.
    The Ice cream guy? Why una no buy ice cream from the guy na?? shuo..see frustration!

  5. Your days are interesting o. eya! poor guy! he would think of a better move next time ...hahahahahaa.. the ice cream vendor, nah by force? wahala dey for lasgidi oooo

  6. @The Corner Shop: Yeah, you kinda get to see a whole lot if you just quit thinking too much and just observe your environ. As for the guy, mshewww.

    @Linda Medrano: Ma, i am sure you still looked stunning in those shoes and what i saw, trust me, was far from stunning.

    @NikkiSho: The guy was just plain crazy and i had no patience for that sorta thing at the time.

    @Ginger: The colour happy woman gats change her style because she looked like a masquerade period! The onion thing? ok o. The ice cream man get issues sha. If na so everybody dey frustrate if we no buy their market, life for hard pass as e dey so. He was lucky. Some agbero woulda slapped some senses into his coconut head.

    @Ibhade: You no see me see trouble. If you aint a guy man, you aint one. Period. I tried hard to maintain but come on! i should flash the phone you kept at home? msheww to the ice cream man.

  7. Hahahaha at the guy asking you to flash a number! Took a moment for me to get that one. The guy's smooth!And you hun,are too sharp for your own good!!!Lol!!!!All d best with the exams.

  8. @T.Notes: Lolz. He wasn't that smooth though he tried. It was just lame. Thanks dear.

  9. do l have to wash my sliced onions now, this one you told us o. I can imagine how funny the guy was selling ice-cream, am sure he wanted you guys to buy by force. Na by force. How are you doing girl? You hilarious with this random tweets. I love it.

  10. @Couture Carrie: Thanks Carrie dear.

    @ Yankeenaijababe: I aint washing my onions after slicing it o! Thanks dear, i just observe and come here to do 'gbeborun'

  11. LMAO@ the ice cream man.Na by force?


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