Friday, April 15, 2011

My Birthday cometh....

This is just to let my dear readers know that April 17th is my birthday. Oh well! The girl just got a year older and perhaps a lot wiser. I am grateful to God for the good health, wonderful family and friends that HE has given me.

So what am I going to do that day? Ermm... I really don’t know. I work like crazy during the week so maybe I’ll just hang out with my folks at home. Rest, play around and pray. Or go out and have tons of fun with friends. Either way, it’s okay.

Cyber hugs to y’all. You guys are wonderful.

Lily Johnson.


  1. Oooh! Happy birthday in advance. Hope you have fun. God bless you


  2. happy birthday dear, may all ur heart desires come tru

  3. Happy birthday in advance :).. have a blast!

  4. Happy Birthday! I answered the question you asked on my blog...

  5. Happy Birthday, Beautiful! I hope you have a lovely day whatever you decide to do! Make sure everyone treats you "special" because you certainly are!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance! Wooh! Only a few more hours =)

  7. Happy Bilated Birthday!!! hope U had a Blast

  8. Happy Birthday (a little late)...
    I hope you had a delightful day!!

  9. I'm late!!!
    Happy Birthday Lily J. Hope you had a day as wonderful as you. May God grant you evry good you ask for yourself this new year - health, happiness, success...Amen.


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