Sunday, April 24, 2011

My thoughts...

For those who read the post, Not that line again , well the clients aren’t paying because they were not satisfied with the job we did. We didn’t do what we said we’d do after all. A pastor we did a job for even gave us a full lecture on integrity!

Anyway, life is a teacher and the only thing I take from the whole thing is experience. I have really learnt a lot. I know how hard it can be sometimes but people should take and appreciate the things they learn after going through bad situations. I would have made a lot in commissions if the work had been done properly but oh well! I have met new people and learnt a lot of things both professionally and personally.

Now, on a lighter note, I am yet to understand what is up with the theatrical eye lashes I see everywhere. I love the ‘kitty cat’ look, you know, batting the eyes and all but hey, you don’t need six foot long eye lashes for that. Those things are for music videos and errm... Halloween?

And it doesn’t exactly look good on small eyes. The eyes look choked and overwhelmed. Whatever works for you girls.

I want to thank you all for the birthday greetings. It rained heavily that day and I considered it as a blessing though I was on my way out when it started and got drenched.

Happy Easter people. Have tons of fun.

Lily Johnson.
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  1. They didn't pay? Tough lesson but like you stated, it has to be learnt.

  2. Awww that's too bad. Your attitude is just the best though. Hope you had a good birthday. Mine is today hehe


  3. @Natural Nigerian: They didnt pay o! But I have learnt my lesson. No one can take that anyway from me. Thanks.

    @The Corner Shop: Thanks dear. My birthday started and ended with the rain. Yeah, we all have to have that attitude. Happy birthday!

  4. wow thats bad, happy belated birthday by d way

  5. I missed the earlier post..dont know how that happened. But girl, start looking for a new job kia kia before this people's lack of professionalism rubs off on your sainted aura. we dont want clients thinking that if you can represent a bad brand then you are bad. serious hisssss. Keeping looking forward. more opportunities ahead.

  6. Tough lesson, darling.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter!


  7. Those eyelashes are "whack". Take every experience good and bad and walk away with the knowledge gained and it's never really a loss.

    Happy Easter, Beautiful Lily!

  8. First of all, Happy belated Birthday.

    Integrity matters and it is sad, alot of people fail in this department.

    As to the eye-lashes...I just can't

  9. @Ginger: My dear, I am seriously working on that but it is like they want to come up with something to make it ok. I keep telling people that all it takes sometimes is to stand up and 'This is wrong!' and these leaders or bosses would at least do something and not become 'oh yes member' all the time. I am really looking though. Thanks and Happy holidays.

  10. @CoutureCarrie: Yeah it was. Happy holidays dear. Thanks.

  11. @Linda: Ma, the lashes are plain crazy. You are so right and I have learnt my lessons. Happy Easter to you too sweet Ma!

  12. @Lara: Thanks. A lot of people don't even remember their integrity when they do things. Some of the false lashes are ok while others are just terrible.

  13. Belated birthday & Easter.

    I also wonder about the extra-long lashes.

  14. @Ibhade: Thanks a lot. The extra long ones are completely unnecessary.


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