Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not that line again!

I have been told that I bother on perfectionism sometimes. By a few people who don’t understand me and are crooked in one or more ways. I believe that a deal is a deal. When you agree to do something, especially in business, do not disappoint. A good name is worth more than the few (yeah I know, sometimes it’s a lot) currency notes that you’d gain. You have to try your best possible to keep your promises or learn not to make any.

My employer thinks I can’t handle it when things don’t go the way they were initially planned. He thinks I don’t believe in ‘plan Bs’. Went ahead to lecture me on how things could go wrong and one would have to crash the first plan and go with another.

Now, I perfectly understand the plan B thing and I understand that we mortals can’t always have things our ways because well, as they say Man proposed, God disposes. What I have an issue with is the planning of the plan A. If plan A was planned to fail, it would fail and switching to plan B which is usually not doing things the way they should, wouldn’t be justified.

Now before you wonder what I am blabbing about, we were supposed to create a product for our clients. Something like a mini directory for a particular area. That was how we convinced people to get their products advertised because they all wanted to be part of it. I went about convincing these people that IT WOULD NOT BE THE SAME WITH OUR NORMAL STUFF. I got to the office and realised that that wasn’t what they did. They had prepared what they normally did and he told me that the plan A had failed and they had to use an alternative. I knew plan A was a terrible plan from the start. Maybe not, but when you come up with a nice plan, you should come up with ways to execute it in line with your budget and your time. The plan B was an ugly and cheap way out and we (I and my colleague) are expected to go out there and convince these people that we had to ‘change plans’. Now tell me how the clients would ever trust us again ever huh? I know we can manage to convince them but they aren’t getting the value for their money anymore. They might not know this but we do and I have a conscience....

So I complained. He knew I would. That’s who I am. It has nothing to do with perfectionism; I just can’t stand when people are ...sort of cheated out of their money or denied their rights because I never want that to happen to me.

Well, life is crazy. And complicated. I think we should just try our very best and when that’s done, we should just...leave the rest. Maybe I should quit tripping. You do know that feeling when you don’t quite feel right about something?

Your very best may not be enough. But you’d know that you gave it your best shot. That in itself is enough.

Lily Johnson.

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  1. I understand this...it sucks when things do not go as planned. Your people should have informed you about this change in plan and you would have forewarned the clients.

    I would not be happy if I was the client....such is life, you do your best and I don't see this as you been a perfectionist. It is just you wanting things done the right way.

    People really suck at keeping to promise.

  2. You are as good as your word. And if your word is no good well...you know the rest! Words I live by.

  3. i get you and i try as much as possible not to let this happen cos i just dont like it.hope u resolvd d issue at work well :)

  4. aww i can imagine how frustrated u musta been. sorry dear!!

  5. I so AGREE with you Lily! Infact, i had had cause to quarrel with people over such issues that they don't understand what my beef is. I do feel so ashamed to go back to my words that i was accused as a 'big woman'..i mean wetin???..what i can't do, i simply say no & take my hands off..thats me! not because i am so brilliant or rich, but i HATE disgrace/ embarrasment by going back on my words... indeed! GOOD NAME IS BETTER THAN RICHES! tnx so much for this post & do the best you can in controlling the damage done.. good luck & take care.

  6. Hmmm... I have been there and I have learned my lessons just as I bet you must have too... pele

    - LDP

  7. Although I mainly worked in the engineering/architectural fields, I completely understand what you are saying. My word is my bond. If a client comes to me and trusts me enough to contract with my firm, I want to make sure they are satisfied. If not, I do everything in my power to make it right. Seems this is not always the case and it's a shame. I had clients who followed me from company to company because they trusted me. You can't buy that kind of loyalty.

  8. You were right to complain oh, afterall, it puts you in a pretty bad position :( It's true, plan A should be a good plan or it's bound to fail. Still, plan Bs, Cs and Ds are a good idea sha


  9. what absolute fuckery! And when businesses fail they wonder why it did. Ahia oma na-ere re onwe ya (a quality good sells by itself).


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