Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding bells and pictures.

I apologise for not being here for a while now because I know that I was missed. Right? Thanks. I have good reasons though. My internet subscription expired and I am kind of in a tight spot and now have to visit cybercaf├ęs. Plus this wedding took some of my time. I and my best friend Dara were with the bride Bosun, who is a friend to us for almost a week. Dara was her maid of honor and I was the bag lady. Everybody in my life kind of trusts me to know where everything is and I'm very capable of taking care of things. So I was with the makeup bag, tissues, extra handkerchiefs, the camera and the camcorder. I took some of the pictures you are about to see except, of course, the pictures that I am in. I selected just a few because I don’t want to bore you guys.

I hope you like it.

On our way to the registry. Lily, Bosun, Latifat, Ola (Bosun's son) and Dara.

I was holding a mirror!
Bride and Bag Lady

Feeling fabulous!

This is wishing dear Bosun a happy married life.

I and my best friend, Dara!(She is Dammy to me)

And smile!

I miss reading you all and will try to do so and comment when I can. You guys are awesome!

Lily Johnson.

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  1. What lovely photos! And damn, baby, you are gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations my dear....yeah! i was beginning to wonder all look lovely...have a fun-filled weekend.

  3. lovely photos :) you look beautiful

  4. Lovely photos!!! This looks like such a beautiful wedding :) I cannot WAIT to get married! Lol

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  5. @Olga: Thanks dear.

    @Linda Medrano: Thanks ma. I try. Hope you are good.

    @NGTH: My dear, hm! ground no level o! But e go level by God's grace. Thanks for the comment. I had fun taking the pictures.


  6. @yankeenaijababe: Thank ya!

    @Ribka: Thank so much Ribka dear.

    @Dee O.: It was a beautiful wedding Dee. I had so much fun taking the pictures. Thanks

  7. Ah, you look absolutely stunning, Lily - what a beautiful event!! :)

  8. You look absolutely stunning in the cream colored outfit. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing them with us. Sorry about your internet situation :-(

    P.S. When I read that you were the "bag lady" I got worried ;-)

  9. Bag Lady? I never heard that apellation before! But the way you describe the functions, I guess every bride needs a bag lady. LOL.

    Nice outfit!

  10. @Cafe Fashionista: Thanks. It was a beautiful event.

    @carma: Hahahaha! I didn't mean bag lady like a homeless person. Just a lady with a bag. It is our private joke. Thanks

    @SHE: Yeah!Lol! It's a name we came up with and had a good laugh about. Thanks

  11. my first time here

    loved the pix (i lie)

    I actually loved the way you wrote everything...

    I am too fairy tale for real life i think

    so maybe i should give up and become nasty, i don't think so.

  12. @Tisha: Thanks for stopping by. I actually laughed when i read your comment and didn't know what to make of it. Well, i believe in reality cos... well.... that's what's up! Take care and thanks again.

  13. lol @ baglady... I like your blog...nice.

  14. What a lovely wedding! You look very beautiful here. My best friend is also getting married this year in one of the Seattle Wedding venues. I really liked the bridesmaid’s dress. Can you suggest some good color and style for a bridesmaid? I am sure you have an amazing sense of style.


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