Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just for you

When I was in boarding school, we were warned never to wear any coloured underwear; just white. Our bras, panties, camisoles and underskirts had to be white. Our house mistress even ‘checked’ us sometimes and when you saw girls being punished for wearing coloured panties, you made a mental note to obey the rule.

We even started believing that wearing coloured underwear indicated dirtiness.

I did wear only white underwear but was not completely happy about it. The problem was that I loved sheer black underwear. I was fourteen and was beginning to discover my curves. I got a set of black lace bra, panties and a small but sexy under skirt from an older (and wiser) friend as a birthday gift. I guess she was also enjoying my transformation from the stick insect to a curvy young lady. I loved the way it looked on my light skin. I couldn’t wear them at school and that was hard because that was where I spent the most time and I so wanted to show off.

So after boarding school (Hurray!! I was done with high school), I hit the market and bought myself black and other daring colors like wine and pink. It was like breathing fresh air after being in a hot and smelly cave for months. At last, I got what I wanted. I was glad that I could be myself.

Conforming to the society and wanting to please others can be hindrances to being who you really are. Don’t get me wrong. Displaying good table manners in a room full of people is polite. Wearing that ancient bright green blouse that your mum gave you as a present to her birthday party is sweet and would bring tears to her eyes and to yours too. (For different reasons of course. You just spotted a particular cute dude in the little crowd and what on earth were you wearing!?).

Besides, you would want your brother to stop smoking because your father wants him to and for a cousin of yours to quit selling her body because the society shuns it. (And probably slap the taste out of her mouth {if she is younger} if she dare says anything like “it is my life”. Yeah and she is ruining it!).

I am talking about doing things for you and being you. When was the last time you really let go? Remember King David in the Bible? I am sure that when the king started to dance, his servants and everyone present knew nothing about what was about to go down and Showtime! He lost his kingly regalia and danced like he had never done before. Let me rephrase that; like he had always wanted to dance and praise his God. But the ‘kingly status’ was all about giving orders and putting up all the ‘kingly airs’. Even if he had to dance, it would be some ‘kingly movement’. Not much. So when he did that near nude serious dancing, the people were amazed. He did what he wanted and that was it.

You could loosen up a bit sometime. Do something you love that you wouldn’t do ordinarily because of some changes that have occurred in your life. Busy time schedules, marriage, kids…. Yeah I understand.

But it wouldn’t hurt if you did please yourself once in a while. Do something for you. Sign up for yoga classes, join a wine tasting club, visit a high end store and get a vintage dress that makes you look like a princess…

For once, dance to nothing but your own tune and do it your style. I am not saying you should be selfish. All I am saying is girl, have yourself some fun sometimes. And I bet that if you had the opportunity to enter the time travel machine and gone to ask the popular king David, he’d tell you that it felt real good!


  1. Lovely post, sweetie. Yes, we all need to take some time for ourselves.

    I'm the first one to break into an unexpected dance...much to da boys' horror.

    I don't do it often, but I love to surprise 'em.
    Just 'cause I have to be a grownup, does not mean I have to be stuffy!

  2. The colored underwear thing is surprising, wow-- it's got to make into some of your writing! I went to a Catholic School and could not wear blue for many years afterward b/c it was our uniform color!

  3. Great post! Nothing makes you feel classier or naughtier than colored undies, even if no one but you knows they're there.

  4. Hi, thanks for leaving a thought on my last post, I appreciate all comments.

    I have to correct you though, I am not female, I am male, hope that is not a problem...?! lol...

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


  5. Haven't all worn gifts from family and not wanted to be caught dead in them? Too funny.

    You make a great point to stop and smell the roses for yourself and not because someone wants you to.

  6. What a great post. I feel a lot of guilt when I do something for myself which is something that I am working on. With a gift card for Macys I spent $75 on Lancome products instead of clothes for my toddler. It felt wrong for five seconds and then I was happy! Yay.

  7. Kat:Thanks for the comment. I do the dance thing thing once in a while too just to make my brothers laugh. Grown ups should have themselves some fun sometimes. You are a darling.

  8. Christina Lee: Thanks for your comment. Believe me for a years i just didn't wear white underwear. I have a few now though.
    Take care.

  9. Carol: Thanks for following me and also for your comment. You are right because when i put them on , i just feel sexy. For me.

  10. Sexylegsandbody: Thanks for following me Colin.Oh! I am so sorry for the mix up. I don't mind at all (You gotta be kidding me!)You celebrate womanhood; the sexiness of women in the way we appreciate it. Beautiful, beautiful pictures too.

  11. Chrissy: I love reading you and thanks for following me. I am honoured. Yep, we gotta just smell the rose for us once in a while.

  12. Clare: Thanks so much for following me. I know you take care of your baby and you love him(her) so much but i think mummy needs to take care of herself too sometimes. Don't feel guilty.

  13. What a beautiful and touching post! You're a great writer Lily!

    I am searching my mind for some great and eloquent comment but I just realized the reason I can't is because you said it all in your post.

    So, I'm going to add an "Amen!" and follow it up with a "dance like nobody's watching and love like you'll never get hurt!"



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