Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The maiden and the masquerade

Make up is such fun. You know playing with colors, covering all that pasty complexion when we haven’t been getting enough sleep or hung over, hiding those flaws on our dear faces…yes makeup is really fun.

But what is not funny is seeing a fellow sister walking on the streets looking like an elementary school coloring book or a house paint advert catalogue.(Pardon me but when I use similes, I tend to exaggerate)

Too much of everything! The foundation is pasted on in layers, the eye shadow is applied with vehemence and the lipstick kisses the teeth whenever the lips as much as move.

The result, a masquerade trying its best to be a striking woman and people around wondering where the hell the face is. And some wicked guys screaming “Give her some colorful garb and we are set for a parade!”(Okay. More similes equal to more exaggeration. Say hello to Me. There should be a term for that).

Day make up should be light. The foundation should be barely there just covering the face and looking natural. The eye shadow colors should be light colors and if you are wearing a dark coloured dress and want to ‘match it’, do it with care. Coat your lashes with the mascara just once. And your lips shouldn’t be too glossy or too ‘colored’ with lipstick.

Well, you can get away with almost anything when making up for a fun night out. If it is dinner, go for a bit more coverage with a foundation that matches your complexion, apply darker colors of eye shadow and lipstick, gloss a tiny bit more than the day look and still try to look elegant. You don’t want the guy to wonder what’s up with your face. If the dinner is official, apply only slightly dark colors of eye shadow and lipstick. No gloss please. Okay, maybe just a little.

But if you are going out with your girls, you can do almost anything with and to your face. Especially if you are not single and still searching. (And if you are, apply your make up with caution).Go gaga with the shine if it’s a disco party. Do the colors the way that it draws attention to your face and not scare people off.

Now unless it is for a photo shoot, do not over use the make up. The mascara should show where your lashes are. Correct application of the mascara can make the eyes wider and sexier but overuse does exactly the opposite.

Well girls, continue to look beautiful with or without our dear friend the make up palette and take care of yourselves.

Lily Johnson


  1. I love makeup! And yes...it's over used and under used on a lot of people.

    I'd love to try false eyelashes sometime...mine have gotten so sparse and were never very long.

  2. elementary school coloring book.
    HAHAHAHA. This made me laugh out loud. And I dont wear a lot of makeup but what I wear, I love. Have you tried Lancomes new vibrating eyelash primer. INCREDIBLE.

  3. @Kat. You could wear false lashes and make it look natural.& I love make up too. Thanks!

    @JennyMac. Thanks for following me.


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