Thursday, January 21, 2010

What should a woman do?

One day, a good friend of mine; a guy and I had a quarrel. I don’t remember what on earth about but at a point, it really got loud. We argued back and forth and word for word.

My good friend: Lily, you are just too sentimental sometimes.

Lily (Angry eyes and a temperature that can boil an egg, hard): No, I am not being sentimental. You just don’t understand and you don’t want to…..

My good friend: You are always touchy about these ‘women’ subjects of yours.

Lily (Continues vehemently): You think it is easy? Huh? Trying to balance out your life….

My good friend: Men! I know a couple of strong feminists and they don’t get half as mad as you when women issues come up.

Lily (There’s no stopping this train): You don’t know the half of it. It is crazy. It can be weird and frustrating……

My good friend: Oh great! Can we stop now?

Lily (Ends her ramble with the words): The hardest thing to be in this world is a woman!

My good friend (Stares at me with awe): I think you need a drink baby. And later, some therapy.

Lily (Eyes shooting poisonous Red Indian arrows)

My good friend: Kidding! Let me get you that drink.

I didn’t know why I had said that. I still don’t. I do know that I was frustrated. (And I did want to win the argument).

I have tried to understand why I’d said it and even what I really meant. Sometimes, it made sense and other times, I lost track of my random thoughts.

I heard some ‘information’ (y’all know it’s gossip) a few days ago and it struck me as “Could this be it? Moments later…. Nah! But I would share it with you. I barely know the girls anyway.

Angela and Monica were best friends. Two beautiful girls who were decent and hardworking and were seen by guys in the neighborhood as ‘hard to get’

Monica had a boyfriend Luke, who was charming, witty and rich. Angela had gotten out of an abusive relationship a few months before but had put the past behind her.

Everything was cool. Sometimes, three of them went out and had good, clean fun or drank themselves silly in the club and danced the night away literally.

Then Luke started coming unto Angela. Well, at least it seemed like it. The long stares when Monica was answering the phone; ‘Thank you’ cards came when she was sure she had done nothing and text messages and phone calls became regular.

Angela wanted to tell her friend what was going on but didn’t want to be the one who tore them apart. She was sure her friend was going to be hurt and she didn’t want that. Monica was at her happiest when she was with Luke. And again, the guy could just be….grateful for her….support. Yeah!

Then Angela discovered something that really baffled her. Monica was seeing other men! She was cheating on Luke. She had these two other guys that she said were her ‘spare boyfriends’. Of course she loved Luke deeply and would never leave him she had said. But she had to have the spares.

Luke began to suspect that Monica was cheating on him but of course, Monica depended on her best friend to defend her. Angela did.

Then Luke’s come-ons became stronger. He asked Angela out for dinner when Monica was out of town, talked to her when he really needed someone to talk to and bought her gifts that her conscience wouldn’t let her accept.

He kept on telling her that he wasn’t really happy with vain Monica. There was something about her…..

Angela’s heart began to go out to this man that was her crazy best friend’s man.

Do you see Angela’s predicament? What would you do?

Tell Monica that her boyfriend was hitting on you and advice her to break up with him? Even when you know the girl is out there cheating on him? Plus you get to ruin her happiness (ahem).

Or, tell Luke that Monica a.k.a your girl, was cheating on him and wasn’t good for him and incur the wrath of your best friend who counts on your support 24/7?

What about Angela’s feelings? Yeah, what about that?

I would later tell you what happened to the best friends for now, just tell me what you think.

Lily Johnson


  1. Huh. Quite the conundrum...I shall need a refill to muse over this...............brb..............
    I guess the $100k question is: Is Luke a cheater? I mean, is he hitting on Angela because he knows Monica is seeing other men? And if he does, then why wouldn't he end it w/Monica? He can't stay w/her and use it as an excuse to cheat himself!
    If I were Angela's friend, I would probably warn her to NOT get involved w/Luke...and tell her she needs to have a little chat w/Monica. Monica is using her and making her lie for her and that is NOT COOL.

  2. Thanks for your comment Kat! I agree with you. Angela should not get involved with a guy like Luke and should have a shouting match with Monica expressing her disappointment and all that.
    You are super cool!


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