Sunday, January 24, 2010

What should a woman do?....2

Let me tell you how most men would handle the same situation.

The situation

Rob and Mark are best friends.

Rob is dating Mandy but cheats on her.

Mandy flirts with Mark lightly and makes him her friend.

Mark finds out that Rob was two-timing.

Mandy begins to come on to Mark rather strongly.


The solution.

Mark would tell Rob that Mandy was a w**re probably after sleeping with her or not.

Maybe he would say that he had slept with her after she had gotten him drunk or something.

Rob might be pissed at Mark for a while or a very long time but one thing is sure, Mandy would be (kicked) out of the picture.

Now what happened to the two friends and what did Angela do?

Angela told Monica that her man was coming on to her. Monica was alarmed. She swore to deal with Luke.

What she did was go to him and said that she knew about his hitting on Angela and she had already forgiven him because she loved him so much.

And what happened next?

Luke broke up with her! There on the spot. His reasons; everything was getting too complicated.

Monica couldn’t believe it. She begged and begged but Luke told her that she deserved better than a guy that hits on her friends.

Sadness gradually became anger and Monica told him off.

Guess what, she blamed Angela for everything! Maybe she (Angela) was the one flirting with him. Maybe she (Angela) was jealous and wanted her man.

Angela, the most sensible person in this real life drama asked her friend these questions.

Did you ask him if what I told you was true?

If yes, why did he do it?

Monica thought about it for a while (I guess). Of course, she hadn’t. She only wanted to continue seeing Luke. Nothing more.

Then she told Angela that she (Monica) needed to be on her own for a while.

Today, their friendship isn’t what it used to be. Hopefully, Monica would get over whatever she needed to get over and realize that Angela was her true friend and like Kat (From inside….out) commented, she (Monica) had been grossly unfair to her. (See previous post).

Women are indeed special creatures. Everything about us is special, from our beautiful bodies to the way we think and reason.

We are sometimes faced with situations that emotionally and physically tasking. Some are too much for us to bear. Too much for us to handle. But we don’t have any choice but to do something. Some sensible. Something rational. Now that isn’t easy. Yes, I know.

Now Angela had the opportunity of going out with a wealthy guy. Forget the fact that he was her friend’s man. Some ladies wouldn’t mind that. Plus the fact that Monica was not even faithful to the guy. But she did the right thing. She thought like a woman who had all her priorities right. Can a man like Luke be trusted? Why would he be hitting on his woman’s best friend in the first place? So she didn’t accept his expensive gifts. Some women would not but Angela, no she is one sensible woman or at least, she displayed some sensibility and rationality in this real life drama.

And this is for you. For reading me.

Lily Johnson


  1. Wow what a soap opera! yes women do handle things in a different way than men--we hang on to things for a loooong time. curious to hear the eventual outcome of this.

  2. Aw. Lovely rose....

    I think women internalize things much more than guys...who are much more on the surface. I don't think Angela should trust Luke...I wouldn't. Or, I would be extra-cautious with him...I'd like to believe that he could be faithful to someone...someday. I don't know if the friendship can be saved between the women, though...

  3. @Catherine Lee: Thanks for your comment. You are right. You dont know how many times i hear the words "Let it go" from my man. They just ont understand it.
    @Kat:Thanks for your comment.Yes, Angela should be extremely careful with Luke. She just might get hurt.


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