Monday, January 18, 2010

Eye opener

I told you guys I was writing exams right? I try to study at night and even when I am not studying, I do some of my writing. So because of this, I don’t get enough sleep and thereby having dark circles round my eyes. (I really hate to say this but it did make me look like a ....panda!)

Now, some eye creams just say loads on their label but do absolutely nothing. I don't know why those companies are allowed to still exist.

After trying a number of products, I finally got an eye cream that not only clears the dark marks but also reduces puffiness. (May i add that it was quite pricy). It worked but I still had tired and dull eyes all day.

So I tried a trick that I saw in some magazine months ago; putting your eye cream in the refrigerator. The effect was amazing! My eyes looked brighter and I didn’t look like I was going to fall asleep at any time.

When you dab the eye cream with a finger underneath your eyes, it instantly cools the entire eye area. Good eye creams smooth away wrinkles and take years off your eye area so it is a must have. You can visit a dermatologist or a beauty specialist to get one that is good for you.

So girls, look and stay beautiful as always!

Lily Johnson
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  1. Oh, YAY! I can do THAT....(leaves computer to go put eye cream in the fridge...)

    thanks for the great tip!

  2. I've been putting my eye cream in the fridge for years! I love the cool feeling when you first put it on. Glad to see you've found your solution!


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