Friday, November 6, 2009

Don't you dare stop!

This is for the average but aspiring to be much more than average woman {Whatz up!} now, I am one of the people that believe it is not over until it is over. Yeah, life begins when it begins! No specific year whatsoever. It is just you and your drive to make it and continuing even when those pessimists {some call them haters} think “For God’s sake, it didn’t work when you were twenty! Why the hell would it work now you are fifty!?”
Honey, don’t stop the pushing, the working, the hoping, the praying until you are…well dead!
Of course there would be obstacles in the way and most of them grinning “I love being your obstacle”. But you can’t let them stop you. Please don’t let them stop you! Don’t look at those pages of glamorous women and ladies in full colour glossy magazines and wallow in self pity. Look at them and say to yourself “I will get there”. I love that Boy 2 Men track especially the line that says “I will get through the night”.

Consider all that is wrong but happening to you now as your night. The sun is about to hit you in the eyes and behold, your better days are here! But remember, hard work and patience plus prayer would help you. Work hard at what you are doing; anything you are doing at all because what is worth doing at all is what doing well {please don’t think I am encouraging some crazy stuff, I am not!}

I am addressing the decent {okay she loses her balance sometimes but she gets right back up!}, hardworking {the hustle, this babe is everywhere doing her thing and there is no stopping her!}and average {she is no billionaire heiress but she sure does pay her bills} young woman.
Keep going babe girl. You will get there and when you do, we are going to pop that champagne!

Lily Johnson
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