Monday, November 23, 2009

Think positively

Yeah, things may be in a major jam and so bad the solution seems not to look like a solution at all. All you do is run around helplessly and your mood, a thick black cloud.

I usually tell people that I am a realist; that is; I am neither pessimistic nor very optimistic. I see things the way they are and take them as they come. But I am a huge fan of positive thinking and most times it does work! At least, it lifts the spirit and prevents one from going into depression.
In a very bad situation, believe me; I know how hard it is to think positively. How on earth is a sister supposed to think positively when she just lost her job? Or when her fiancé of five years just called off the engagement? Or when her best friend just died in a car crash? Positive thinking would be nowhere in the books please!

But honey after everything; the mourning, the crying, the frustration and bitterness, life goes on. You have to move on. You got to tell yourself that things would turn out just fine and believe it. Tell yourself that you are going to get a new and even better job {f the boss. He didn’t deserve you}. Assure yourself that your knight in shinning armor is going to find you and be with you forever {f your ex too. He didn’t deserve you either}. Look up to the sky, your loved one is in heaven and expects you to be happy {And babe, you deserve to be happy}.

See each day as a day filled with great expectations that are pleasant and when bad things happen, look at the bright side. Infact always look at the bright side of life. Go through each day with a smile and believe you are a survivor. Get rid of all the negative thoughts. “It is not going to work” should be used only when absolutely necessary. Someone told me that it is frequently used by losers. Remember I said when absolutely necessary {I am a realist remember?}
It will work. You can do it. Think positively always

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