Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fashion Horror

The evolution of fashion is one thing that would not ever stop to amaze me. I have one word to describe the designers, the models, the clothes and the industry; awesome!
But some designers really make me ask questions like “Excuse me, was that made to be worn on this planet?”. I saw a girl last week walking on the streets, looking like a cockatoo. She was quite pretty but if you looked closely, the blouse she wore was scary.

It had bright coloured feathers all over it and the cut of the blouse was quite odd and this made this young woman look like the mentioned bird. To make matters worse, she paired the blouse with a pair of red skinny jeans and ridiculously high-heeled shoes.

Maybe she wore it to attract attention because she was a small woman, or the blouse is quite expensive which is what I strongly suspect. Some designer must have put in a load of ‘hard work’ to create that strange piece of clothing and would tell the whole world that every clothing item he creates, is unique and makes its wearer stand out in the crowd thereby convincing the little woman that she needed to wear that horror of a blouse on that very hot afternoon. She did stand out though. Please!

If a dress makes you look like an alien, an animal, a bird, a hooker in 300AD or something worse, please don’t spend your hard earned money buying it. You would probably wear it once, cause a terrible stir and swear never to wear it again. Stick to clothes that ‘make sense’ and suit your body type.

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  1. I swear....some ppl are just dying for attention...ANY kind of attention!

    And yet, there are ppl that can carry it off. Like ppl that can wear have to have a certain amount of confidence to wear a hat.

    Models can wear hats!


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