Saturday, November 21, 2009

And for some entertainment....2

And don’t forget to always finish what you started. When you do that people would not only trust you but would also rely on you. They would see you as a consistent person.

When you promise to help someone do something, try your best possible to be there to the end. If your friend asked you to accompany her to a dinner party, stay until the party is over unless you get an emergency call.
Finish knitting that sweater! Continue writing that book until you are done!

This is the last part of the story. Enjoy!


I opened my eyes. The mirror showed me nothing. I touched the mirror but I didn’t see my hand.
“What is going on?” I cried out and slammed the door of my wardrobe shut, “Can someone tell me what is happening to me?”
“Come on Lisa. Don’t get hysterical”, my body sat on the bedroom sofa, “Didn’t you hear me? You are a spirit. Spirits are invisible. You and I know that you like reading so you must have come across something like this. I know I have”, it smiled, “And like you said, you are me so we are one but separated for a while”.
“No”, I closed my ears with my hands; “I am not listening to this anymore”
“Suit yourself”, my body walked back into the room and laid on the bed.
“It’s almost dawn”, It said in a sleepy voice, “In a few minutes, you and I would be one again. Understand this Lisa, you have the power to leave your body and come back to it. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want when you are what you are now. A spirit. Invisible”.
“And you? I mean….. My body?” I didn’t know what the right thing to say was.
“Well”, it propped itself on an elbow, “You see when you leave your body, most of you goes with the spirit. The good part of you that is, leaving behind the other part of you. This makes the body and the spirit rather different. The spirit is willing but the body is weak”, it smiled, “Should have been the other way round though”
Why is this happening to me and why? I thought, I was too tired of asking questions. I still had my night gown on and that was what the figure on the bed wore too. A pink silk night gown. My favorite.
“Your questions would be answered tomorrow night Lisa’, it smiled and closed its eyes.
Suddenly, a mysterious wind whistled its way into the room and dragged me towards the bed. I was too stunned to cry out.


  1. What? How can this be the last part of the story? Now what happens? I understand that she's being thrown back into her body since it's almost morning...but what's it all about?

    WHY did it happen? What does it mean? Why am I sputtering with all these questions???????????

  2. Well, Kat "I and Myself is the prologue of a book i am working on "Defining Lisa".Why? Some things just happen you know. People wake everyday to discover very strange things.What it means? Lisa like everyone of us, has a spirit. Only hers decided to 'step out' and have a lil'chitchat.Why you are sputtering with the questions? Girl, i have no idea. Watch out though. Lisa is still gonna have some other wierd experiences. Thanks.


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