Monday, November 9, 2009

Look out for Joe!

Before I say what I have in mind I must tell you my dear that I am not judging anyone. Who am I to do so? I am just going to say my mind. Period. And I am doing it because of some incidents that were rather disturbing that involved someone I know.
Women sometimes find themselves in some friendly associations with some men that they shouldn’t even be saying “hi” to but because of some emotional problems or even financial problems, we might just be friends with some guy because at that moment, he was being nice and caring.
Then some of us make the fatal mistake of allowing this stranger into our lives without taking time to find out who he really is. He becomes a friend, a confidante and a person we rely on and trust. Beware!
Myna had a boyfriend that she had been going out with on and off for three years. One day, she heard the news that her man had married some other lady who was heavily pregnant with his child. She locked herself up in her one room apartment and cried for days. It was like the world had ended for her. Four months later, she met another guy and they began dating. He was a great guy but his ego sometimes got in the way of the smooth running of things. He found it difficult to admit to a fault and when he did, he rarely apologized. The guy just didn’t ever say he was sorry. That frustrated Myna. She met Joe at a distant cousin’s house warming party. They got talking immediately. Joe was cute and funny. He made her laugh like she hadn’t in a long time. Myna was won over. She wasn’t the type that cheated on her man no matter what so he became her friend. He visited her and she visited him. She told her boyfriend about him and even introduced them. When Myna had problems with her man, he was there to make her laugh. Myna told him a lot of things about herself because she trusted him. One day, her emotions overwhelmed her and they had sex. And that was it.
Myna had told him that what happened was a mistake and would never happen again because she wasn’t that kind of girl and didn’t want anything that would ruin their friendship. Joe became a monster. He wasn’t going to accept that what happened was a mistake. He began to act strange, calling her names whenever it pleased him and for nothing. Then one day, after an argument over a trivial matter, Myna was seeing him off to the bus stop. When they got to the bus stop there was a group of people standing there and Joe suddenly started calling Myna names like “prostitute” and “public dog”. He made sure that he got the attention of the people around and called her more terrible names. He made a public spectacle of her. Myna couldn’t believe it. She told him that the friendship was over. She had had it.
After a few weeks, Joe tried to contact her but she made herself unavailable. Then he began to call her mobile number persistently. There were times that he called her fifty times a day. Myna didn’t pick his calls. He began to use other numbers and withheld numbers. He made Myna’s life miserable.
I think Myna made the mistake of letting him into her life so fast. Having sex with him was also a fatal mistake. If she had waited to find out who he was which I believe would have materialised, she would have found out that Joe was a jerk.
I know that sometimes weird things happen even to the most careful people on earth and some people are so crafty that you don’t find out a thing about them. But you have to always use your senses right girl. It is very important and more, it could save you from a rather embarrassing situation.

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