Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Got to do it? Smile at it!

Sometimes it is frustrating to want to do a lot of things not because you just want to but because you know you can! Okay what am I talking about? Well, let me use ‘yours sincerely’ as an example. I am a writer. I have written some short stories and published them too. I am a songwriter. I have written and composed music for the choir of my church and I can proudly say that I have a lovely deep voice. It kind of reminds you of Toni Braxton (Don’t believe me but I believe myself. And so does my family. And my friends. And my man. And the guy that featured me in his album. And the guy that is going to produce me some day. I could go on you know).

I have a Diploma in Public Relations from a college in the UK. I am about to get a Bachelors’ degree in Marketing. I know quite a lot in fashion and beauty. In fact, so much that people think that I would be wasting my time pursuing a career in Marketing. I should own and run a beauty business. I was thinking of having my own skin care and make up line. You know I would just look stunning and talk about my ‘moderately priced’ cosmetics and all the stuff that entrepreneurs like Iman and Kimora do. I would just love doing that. Just as I would love autographing my books (collections of short stories mostly). And singing on stage with my fans screaming for more. And having a successful Public Relations outfit that I run with so much finesse, elegance and determination.

Now that I am so sure you don’t envy me, I have also tried modeling. Yes. It is the one thing that I don’t know if it quite agrees with me. I can’t keep a fake smile for more than five seconds and I have been meeting psychos that pose as agents. I have taken loads of pictures and believe me; some of them are not really flattering. Some were just horrible

Why am I telling you this? Well, I know some people blog because they have nothing else better to do. Some do because they want to talk about something. Some do because…people they know have blogs and it would be cool to have one too. Some blogs are for business. Others for pleasure.
I blog because just like I can do all the things mentioned above and want to do it too; I really want to do this. Being a woman who wants to be successful in every sphere of her life is the most challenging thing ever. Every waking moment is a battle. Every move you make is got to be on point. And you have to find a balance to everything. (Like I am preparing dinner as I am typing this. Seriously).

It is not easy. But you got to do it. Just like I write stories and songs, read for my exams and beauty recipes, try to find a job as a PR person, find time for my man and family, and write here when I can. But you know what Miss Girl, I love it! So don’t whine and bitch about all that you have to do. Just do it and find a way to love it all.

This doesn’t have to make sense to everyone so if it does to you, I deeply respect you!

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