Thursday, December 10, 2009

Save up to glam up!

If you are not stupendously rich or fabulously stupid, then you are quite prudent with money and run tight budgets often. You pay your bills and save some for the rainy day.
Everything is budgeted for. Every form of expenses is recorded. That is wise. It is something to teach your kids so they don’t throw money around when they cannot afford to. Most rich people got to where they are today by making use of their money wisely.

You might be a little surprised at what I have got to say after all that prudence talk. Let me start with a question, Miss Girl, when was the last time you gave yourself a gift?
You watch movie stars and celebrities on T.V and go “Oh, look at that beautiful dress on her!” “Look how her skin glows!”, “I saw earrings like that in a shop last week!”
You probably would think that you can’t just afford to get yourself something special because you have a lot of bills to pay. Your children, your parents and siblings; yeah, there is a lot to use the money for.
But dear, it wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself to some little luxury once in a while. Look at it as a personal project. Save up for that special something you have always wanted. Make sure that the money you save doesn’t affect your finances negatively.

This is what I do. I first choose what I want to buy and write down the price. Then I decide how much I would save per week or month and when the money would be complete. If the price is $100, I save $115 just in case. It is exciting to know that you are going to get that pricy Valentino dress in 4 weeks or get that spa treatment in 5 weeks.

You look forward to it and even dream about it. You deserve some pampering once in a while so get yourself that bag or those shoes the unselfish way. Save for them. And start now!

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  1. Oh, this is a lovely post with a wonderful sentiment!

    You're right, of course. We tend to put our own needs on the back burner. I love the idea of saving a little extra and having that wonderful thing to look forward to!

    I'll definitely do this. Great idea!

  2. Thanks Kat.Besides the fact that you are the only one following me, i so love your comments!!!Thanks.


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