Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas fun

I didn’t know what this Christmas held for me. Let me start by telling you that I had to study for my exams while you ladies were busy shopping for the holidays. Yep, yours sincerely was buried in books, handouts and stuff. It wasn’t funny. I had a paper on the 23rd! Now was that crazy or what?

Anyway, I don’t have any paper till the 6th of January! {I am doing cat wheels in the air}. Then I realized that I didn’t have anything special to wear though I didn’t think I would anywhere to wear something special to, I hadn’t made any plans, I hadn’t bought any gifts or Christmas greeting cards. Nothing! I spent the whole time just studying so I could get straight A’s.

So, I had no choice but to dust what I already had and make myself happy. I discovered a dress I hadn’t worn in a long time and it still fitted! I cleaned and polished my beautiful black leather shoes but wore beautiful gold and purple slippers. I had a Chanel No 5 bottle {it’s almost empty so I used a lot of deodorant body spray}. So I wore my little dress and slippers and had fun.

I spent this Christmas with my family and my best friend {most of the day} my clique at school {for a few beautiful hours} and with my man {mostly on the phone because he is out of town}

Bottom line, I did my best to look beautiful {my make up did help}. And it felt really good being with the people that truly cared about me.

Lily Johnson

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  1. Merry Christmas Lily,
    You certainly are beautiful from the inside out...and know how to be beautiful by being comfortable with you...purple slipper-LOVE it!

    Relax...the next paper will be due before you know it!

    Happy New Year-


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